2020 has arrived, bringing new dreams, new paths and new promises. As we embark on our journey into a new decade, the climate crisis and the rate of technological developments bring some uncertainty. But one thing is certain: travel will continue to be highly prized as a way to spend quality time with loved ones, disconnect from busy lives and do something that feels good.

Walking through the wilderness at sunrise.

Travel has the power to be transformative in many ways. Going ‘off-grid’, unscripted experiences and making meaningful connections will remain a high priority. But a new consciousness has also emerged: IMPACT. Greta Thunberg has awakened the globe of the need to act now for our planet. What impact will you have this year? On yourself? On the planet? And on the people and places you visit?

Looking to the year ahead and our impact on the planet.

We asked our owners, Tanya and Mikey Carr-Hartley, to share their inspirations, goals and dreams for 2020…

Tanya and Mikey Carr-Hartley, owners of The Safari Collection.

1. Why is travel important and what does travel in 2020 mean to you both?

Travel is the best cocktail in life: it changes mindsets, develops ideas, creates a deeper understanding of our incredible world and most of all, it changes lives. 2020 is a new decade. Travel can sometimes be a bit disposable, so we really value sustainable travel, as it remains grounded.

‘travel creates a deeper understanding of our incredible world and most of all, it changes lives.’

Travel to our properties and make a positive impact on the communities and wildlife of Kenya.

2. Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions for 2020?

We are making time to disconnect (from emails!) for a reconnection. With our family reaching an age where tougher and more extreme travel is possible, we would like to go out and find those places, meet those people, and absorb new things. So, some frontier locations are our resolution! Our vision is for a more connected and conscious world for our family, where we have more respect for each other and the natural environment in which we live.

Enjoy the golden hour as you disconnect from your busy life and reconnect with the natural world.

Explore places barely touched by mankind.

3. Does The Safari Collection have any New Year’s resolutions?

Yes. This year we are measuring our carbon emissions and are working hard to become an entirely carbon-negative operation by the end of 2020. Sustainable travel is essential for all our futures. Sasaab is already operating as a carbon negative, climate positive lodge and our other properties are nearly there.

Alongside the launch of our new helicopter adventures this year, we initiated our policy to plant six indigenous trees per hour of flying to restore habitat in Kenya and offset the carbon footprint. We believe this makes it the first ever climate positive helicopter working in tourism.  

2020 is also the year we plan to launch The Safari Collection Footprint – a dedicated foundation to unite our many community and conservation projects.  

‘We are working hard to become an entirely carbon-negative operation by the end of 2020. Sustainable travel is essential for all our futures.’

4. What are you most excited about for The Safari Collection in 2020?

Seeing guests of the collection experience our Siruai Expedition Camp, which offers the ultimate off-the-beaten-track and immersive, nature orientated experience. It’s a mobile camp which is all about clean air, mental well-being and wilderness that you can absorb with your senses. Swim, kayak and bike, taking in the sounds, scents and sights of the wild. Sleep out, strip one’s senses bare, remove all barriers, and appreciate the delicate details of the environment we live in. As a mobile camp, it is only there for part of the year and leaves no trace when it’s gone.

Siruai Expedition Camp immerses you in a lesser known, wild pocket of Kenya.

5. Where are you excited to travel to with your family this year?

We hope to embark on a family road trip to Uganda, visiting Kidepo Valley National Park, a little-known virgin wilderness area in the far north. The warm waters of the Kenyan coast will also be a welcome remedy at some point.

The Carr-Hartley family on safari together in the Masai Mara.



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