In the wild, untamed and arid Samburu lands of northern Kenya, something special awaits. An experience that will set the hearts of wildlife enthusiasts racing and light a fire in the eyes of anyone passionate about conservation (or giraffes).

There are only 8,000 reticulated giraffe left in the wild.

This Autumn, we are offering our guests a rare and once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in a collaring operation of endangered reticulated giraffe. This is through our partnership with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) and San Diego Zoo Global (SDZG).

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation’s amazing work in action. ©Sean Viljoen, GCF

Who are the Giraffe Conservation Foundation?

The GCF is the only non-profit organisation in the world to focus solely on the conservation of giraffe in Africa. It is a little-known fact that giraffe populations across the continent have plummeted by over 30% in the last 30 years. In Kenya alone, they have disappeared from 27 of our 47 counties. Through its science-based approach and innovative initiatives across 15 African countries, the GCF is creating a sustainable future for all our long-necked friends in the wild.

During the collaring operation, giraffe will be fitted with solar-powered GPS tracking devices. ©GCF

Our Partnership with the GCF

Since 2017, The Safari Collection has been proudly STANDING TALL alongside this fantastic organisation working tirelessly to protect this iconic mammal. Through our own Giraffe Sponsorship Programme (which donates a percentage of every sponsorship to the GCF), giraffe lovers worldwide can help combat this alarming silent extinction and ensure a future for these magnificent mega-herbivores.

Guests will be able to witness the GCF’s team dart, collar and release giraffes. ©Sean Viljoen, GCF

From the first-ever GPS satellite tagging operation of the critically endangered Kordofan giraffe in Chad earlier this year to Niger’s first-ever translocation of the highly threatened West African giraffe last year, GCF’s initiatives are pioneering, proactive and highly collaborative.

Giraffe are already extinct in at least seven countries in Africa. ©Sean Viljoen, GCF

Saving our Wild Giants

Reticulated giraffe populations have dropped drastically in the past 30 years (as much as 50%), leaving us with a mere 8,000 individuals today. As a result of this alarming decline, in November 2018 the IUCN Red List categorised them as ‘endangered’.

For this reason, GCF is using advanced satellite technology to track their movements and understand their needs. During the collaring operation, Reticulated giraffe will be fitted with solar-powered GPS tracking devices to enable vital data collection. Initiatives with local communities, including ‘giraffe guards’, ‘herder scientists’ and empowering local women to record giraffe data, also form part of GCF’s multi-dimensional and novel approach to saving these beautiful wild giants.

Beautiful reticulated giraffe at Sasaab.

Getting Involved

If you would like to become a wildlife conservationist for the day and actively help to fast track the protection of this endangered species, then we can make this dream come true. This exclusive opportunity to go behind the scenes will take place between 31st August and 2nd September 2019 and will require a minimum three-night stay at Sasaab. This is to allow the GCF team flexibility to ensure perfect conditions on the morning and/or afternoon on which the collaring will take place.

GCF is using advanced satellite technology to track their movements and understand their needs. ©Sean Viljoen, GCF

We can offer this experience to a maximum of six people, who will be accompanied by Dr Julian Fennessy, (GCF co-founder, co-director and pioneer in giraffe conservation) as well as his team of experts during the collaring exercise.

The cost of this once in a lifetime experience is US$ 8,116 per person sharing (US$ 10,115 for a single supplement). This is inclusive of a US$ 3,500 donation directly to the GCF towards the cost of the collaring exercise, three nights accommodation at luxury tented camp Sasaab, private vehicle, conservation and community fees, game drives and activities, internal flights to and from Samburu, airport transfers, all meals and drinks.

Higher donations to the GCF are always greatly appreciated to help the long-term conservation of these iconic gentle giants found only in northern Kenya.