Climate change is happening. The science speaks for itself and the consensus is impossible to ignore. The earth is getting warmer and humans are the cause.

Planting trees has potential to help our planet

Whilst a 1°C rise doesn’t sound like a big deal, we are already witnessing increasing forest fires, rising sea levels, disappearing glaciers, melting ice sheets, warmer and more acidic oceans and increased extreme weather events to name but a few. Without immediate global action, the effects will become more catastrophic.

We use solar energy where possible to provide electricity and water is heated using solar powered boilers ©Mark Boyd

The Safari Collection joins the fight

The Safari Collection has always been strongly committed to protecting the environment for future generations. Our ethos is built on the belief that through sustainable travel, we can unite tourism, communities and conservation initiatives to make a meaningful impact. That’s why The Safari Collection has signed up to Tourism Declares, a global grassroots movement which is uniting the tourism industry to take purposeful action against climate change.

All of our properties have kitchen gardens which are full of homegrown goodies ©Mark Boyd

Like all signatories, we have committed to the following five actions:

1. Develop a ‘Climate Emergency Plan’ within the next 12 months, which sets out our intentions to reduce carbon emissions over the next decade.

2. Share an initial public declaration of our ‘Climate Emergency Plan’ and update our progress each year.

3. Accept current Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) advice stating the need to cut global carbon emissions to 55% below 2017 levels by 2030 to keep the planet within 1.5°C of warming. We’ll ensure our ‘Climate Emergency Plan’ represents actions designed to achieve this as a minimum, through delivering transparent, measurable and increasing reductions in the total carbon emissions per customer arising from our operations and the travel services sold by us.

4. Encourage our suppliers and partners to make the same declaration, sharing best practice and actively participating in the Tourism Declares community.

5. Advocate for change. We recognise the need for change across the industry and call for urgent action to accelerate the transition towards zero-carbon air travel.

The Safari Collection gives every guest a reusable metal water bottle for them to keep, reducing the amount of plastic waste being generated ©Mark Boyd

Visit our Footprint to find out more about our sustainability projects, conservation and community programmes and projects.