Do you wake up each morning and instinctively feel for your phone? How many hours a day do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media?

Walk amongst wildlife at Siruai Expedition Camp.

We are all guilty of spending far more time than we know to be healthy connected to the digital world. Not only does technology dominate our professional lives, but it’s taken over our personal lives too. We are bombarded with digital distractions. From Instagram telling us how to concoct sensational super smoothies to podcasts tempting us to tune in to the newest Netflix series. We might spend several hours a day on WhatsApp with our loved ones, but we seem to be further away than ever from meaningful, face to face connections.

Memorable meal times with not one phone in sight!

As the need to digitally disconnect becomes paramount, the benefits of TRAVEL have become more valuable than ever before. What better way to escape the explosion of technological advancements in our everyday lives and reconnect with what we value most than by exploring far off lands?

Gently Kayak down the river and listen to the sound of the bush.

Even better, journey somewhere where you simply cannot unintentionally find yourself logging in. We happen to know just the place…

Siruai Expedition Camp. Alluringly wild and firmly off the grid: Wi-Fi and data roaming are not available here.

Sleeping under the stars in luxury canvas tents, Siruai guests are treated to a classic, authentic safari experience.

Siruai is the ultimate destination for lovers of paths less travelled. Slow down. Explore. Breathe. Lose yourself. Take in the powerful silence. Marvel at the wildlife. Behold the beauty of the landscape. Perhaps you could even use the primeval pen and paper to jot down some memories.

Being off-the-grid enables you to fully enjoy the company of those around you.

Hidden away on a 43,000 acre private ranch in central Kenya, Siruai Expedition Camp offers adventure by day and authentic safari romance by night. It is the ideal place in which to reconnect with loved ones as guests enjoy the entire camp to themselves, roasting marshmallows around the campfire and even playing a game of cards. Above all, there’s no Wi-Fi to tear your teens away from family time or distract you with an email you wish you hadn’t read.

The freedom to explore this wild corner of Kenya on foot and at your own pace, is what makes Siruai a true ‘Out of Africa’ experience.

Time (to switch off) has undoubtedly become one of our most precious resources, so make sure it counts. Go somewhere off the grid and reconnect with the wilderness. Switch off the digital and switch on nature.