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11 – 17 March 2025


Capture the Giraffes

You will begin your photographic safari from the moment you touch down at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, where you will be met by a representative from The Safari Collection and taken to Giraffe Manor.

STAY AT Giraffe Manor

EXPERIENCE As you enter the grounds of Giraffe Manor you will be greeted by our resident giraffes who roam the sanctuary surrounding this classic manor house. The giraffes are completely wild but enjoy interacting with guests, making this an experience unlike any other in the world. Giraffe selfie moments abound and you will have plenty of opportunities to photograph these striking creatures at close range. Our resident warthogs also make great subjects, as they shuffle around gobbling up treats dropped by the giraffe.

After lunch you can visit the Giraffe Centre located within the Manor’s grounds or enjoy the spa facilities and relaxing surrounds of The Retreat where you’ll find our lovely pool, sauna and hot tub.

PLEASE NOTE: The giraffes at Giraffe Manor are wild and therefore we cannot guarantee interaction with them at any given time.

Capture the Giraffe roaming the grounds of Giraffe Manor at sunrise on your photographic safari
DAY 2, 3 and 4

Photographic Safari

The second day of your photographic safari begins with an enchanting breakfast with the giraffes at Giraffe Manor. After this you will be transferred to Wilson Airport for a one hour twenty-minute flight to Samburu. On arrival we will take you to Sasaab, a heavenly oasis in Samburu, just in time for lunch. This is the ideal opportunity to capture your surroundings.

STAY AT Sasaab

EXPERIENCE The hilly terrain of Samburu land in the north of Kenya is different to other parts of the country and you will find some stunning landscape shots, especially up on sundowner rock as the sky turns crimson. Game drives offer endless opportunities to capture a huge array of wildlife. Look out for the Samburu Special Five – Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich, gerenuk and Beisa oryx – all endemic species to the area. Encounters with Samburu’s majestic elephant herds present enchanting photo possibilities. A real highlight at Sasaab’s luxury tented camp is the glimpse offered into Samburu life. As you learn about their traditions and culture, you will find your lens immediately drawn to the alluring, vibrant beading and feathered warrior headdresses. With your personal guide by your side, enjoy the privilege of being able to photograph some of these people. Looking through the lens at local communities allows for a completely different, and often quite intimate, perspective of Kenya.

When you feel like putting your camera down, there are endless activities which enable you discover more of this enchanting corner of Kenya: camp out in the wild under the stars, take a ride on a camel through the wilderness, speed through dry riverbeds on a quad bike or relax at the tranquil spa overlooking the river.

Sasaab provides an ideal spot to capture your safari photography. Here the elephant often collect in the river bed Just below the pool.
DAY 5 and 6

Safari Photography

Under the guidance of Robin Moore, you can become a safari photography expert.

GETTING THERE From Sasaab airstrip you will take a 20 minute private charter flight to Solio Airstrip. On arrival, you will be transferred to Solio Lodge, which is the only lodge in Solio Conservancy.

STAY AT Solio Lodge

EXPERIENCE Continue perfecting your photography skills under the expert guidance of Robin Moore. Solio Lodge, sits in the shadows of Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountain Range and showcases a different Kenyan landscape to the arid Samburu north. As a highly successful rhino breeding sanctuary, Solio Game Reserve is one of the best places in the world to photograph these vulnerable and primaeval looking beasts. There are over 200 white rhinos and 100 black rhinos on the reserve. Game drives can lead to unbelievable sightings of up to 40 or 50 at a time, creating unique photo opportunities unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You will also find an abundance of other wildlife to capture, from big cats to plains game and beautiful colourful birds.

Solio offers a range of exciting excursions, including day trips into the misty realms of the Aberdare Mountains to once-in-a-lifetime helicopter flights up into the jagged peaks of Mount Kenya. Taking to the skies will give you some utterly unique photographic opportunities of the extraordinary geographical features of Kenyan’s untamed north. Wildlife sightings from the air also offer a totally different perspective, such as millions of pink flamingos over some of Kenya’s great lakes. There are various opportunities for interactions with the local community at Solio Lodge, as well as horses and mountain bikes for getting out there and exploring the wildlife whilst working up a sweat!


Relax & Reflect

After a leisurely breakfast at Solio Lodge take a short flight back to Nairobi in time for your international flight home from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. We hope you have time to enjoy your complimentary day pass and relax in the tranquil surrounds of The Retreat at Giraffe Manor, where you can enjoy a wonderful range of spa facilities, gym and pool.

Once home, enjoy re-living your safari all over again, editing the thousands of incredible shots you’ve taken and choosing your favourites.


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