Guests who stay in both the Historic Manor and Garden Manor will enjoy the opportunity to interact with the giraffes. The two buildings are simply separated by a small courtyard area where lunch is served but the experience is the same and the giraffes visit both buildings. Whether guests stay in a room in the Historic Manor or in the Garden Manor, they are welcome to make use of the common areas in each space. The map of the property below will give you an idea of where each building is. Guests who stay in a Garden Manor room will have breakfast with the giraffes in the Garden Manor dining room and guests who stay in the Historic Manor will have breakfast with the giraffes in the Main Manor sun room. Management assigns breakfast tables in accordance with safety, traffic flow and group size etc. Guests may not reserve specific tables in advance and Giraffe Manor staff are not permitted to accept payment for preferential seating. Giraffe Manor staff will always do their best to ensure that everyone has meaningful and memorable interaction with the animals.