Giraffe Manor is located within a sanctuary for the rare and endangered Rothschild’s
giraffes. The sanctuary is owned by AFEW and Giraffe Manor is located at one end of the
sanctuary. The sanctuary is approximately 150 acres split by a residential road, which the
giraffe cross twice a day to move from one side to the other. The giraffes are wild animals
and we cannot guarantee what sort of interaction you will have with them, if any at all. The
Manor is a lovely old home full of old-world charm and history; the giraffes are the icing on
the cake of what is already a very special experience. Although we cannot guarantee how
the giraffes will behave, it is highly unusual that guests would not experience some degree
of interaction with them. The giraffes can be fed from some of the bedroom windows and
they have become accustomed to feeding through the dining room windows at breakfast
which they do more often than not.