With elegantly curved necks, deep pink plumage and long skinny legs, flamingos are undoubtedly the supermodels of the bird world. These somewhat elusive, tropical wading birds take their name from the Spanish word for fire, ‘flamenco’, and it is easy to see why! Their choreographed formations streak the skies with ribbons of crimson when they migrate in their thousands.

Here in Kenya, the shallow, alkaline lakes which lace the floor of the Great Rift Valley are one of the most significant foraging sites for the lesser flamingo. The smallest of the world’s six flamingo species. Over a million of them move between Lake Bogoria, Lake Nakuru and Lake Elementita each year. Their populations fluctuate depending on the alkaline levels in each lake, which is vital for the growth of the tiny spirulina algae on which flamingos feed.

Our new ‘Pink Plumage and Dramatic Gorges’ helicopter excursion is a thrilling way to experience the magnificence of these glorious birds in their thousands. Available from either Sasaab or Solio Lodge, take to the skies in our new Eurocopter to cruise alongside flamingo formations and witness Lake Bogoria’s pink-tinged shores from above.

Last year, higher than average rainfall in the far north of Kenya attracted exceptional numbers of flamingos to the seasonal Lake Logipi, (near to Lake Turkana). Guests of Sasaab and Solio should not miss our ‘Jewels of the North’ helicopter adventure to experience this remote, diverse and extraordinary landscape. Soar low over Lake Logipi to witness flights of flamingos gliding over the water and their glossy reflections shimmering on the lake below.

So if jaw-dropping vistas and pink-legged plumage set your heart racing, then be sure to add one of our exciting new helicopter excursions to your Kenyan adventure.