We are excited to announce the expansion of our partnership with the incomparable Patrick Mavros jewellers. Patrick and his family have been busy creating and crafting a bespoke line of silver and gold jewellery exclusively for Giraffe Manor. This unique collection comprises of bracelets, earrings, pendant with chain and a ring, all featuring an exquisitely sculptured giraffe-head, designed just for us to celebrate the enchanting creatures that we love.

Patrick Mavros silver giraffe pendant made exclusively for Giraffe Manor.

From the designer Patrick Mavros to the friends and guests of Giraffe Manor:

“We are so thrilled to have designed this unique collection that we have created especially for the beloved Giraffe Manor. It is our first and only collection totally inspired by these wonderfully graceful and elegant mammals. This collection is only available in one store in the world. We hope these pieces will bring you joy and luck for a very long time to come”.

The stunning gold Giraffe Manor collection.

Patrick Mavros is a family run business which began over 35 years ago when Patrick carved a pair of beautiful rose petal earrings for his wife, Catja. After wearing them to the salon, her hairdresser admired them so much that she just had to have a pair. And the rest, so they say, is history!

The Patrick Mavros Fari Tree collection.

Patrick is now a world-renowned silversmith with a global following. Nonetheless, his roots remain firmly in the wild hills of his Zimbabwean home where the abundant wildlife continues to inspire new and exotic animal designs. The jewellery is produced on the family farm using the age-old art of wax casting. This is where one-off moulds are created for each piece and used only once, ensuring that each tiny detail of the original sculpture is replicated.

This collection was designed just for us.

In addition to this new Patrick Mavros collection, we now have a beautiful boutique at our Giraffe Manor giftshop in which to display these exclusive African-inspired designs.  We’re delighted to be able to offer our guests the opportunity to purchase these distinct and precious pieces of jewellery. A keepsake that so elegantly captures the extraordinary time spent interacting with these gentle giants that will be cherished for generations.

A giraffe necklace keepsake that that will be cherished for generations.

For those who are coming to stay at Giraffe Manor, don’t forget to pass by our boutique and the beautiful exclusive Patrick Mavros Collection.