The long rains in Kenya fall between April and May. When the heavens eventually open and rain soaks the plains the sun-scorched savannahs are quickly transformed into green, lush and rejuvenated grasslands. With the abundance of rainwater a new lease of life is injected into Kenya’s pallette; colourful flowers bloom, succulent green grass grows, herbivores fatten and Kenya’s vibrant canvas is given a fresh lick of paint.

‘With the abundance of rainwater a new lease of life is injected into Kenya’s palette’

Elephants quench their thirst in the full and flowing Ewaso Nyiro river. ©Scott Ramsey

Historically the green season is not a very popular time to go on safari but contrary to this belief we think that the green season has got a great number of unique experiences to offer and is, in fact, an exceptional time to travel.

Dawn light illuminating the Ewaso Nyrio river

Photographic enthusiasts can make the most of the dramatic stormy dark skies, crisp cloud contours, vibrant green grass and flaming orange sunsets which are all offshoots of the incoming rains.

Being a season less travelled, game viewing during this time is an incredibly exclusive experience, you will often share magical wildlife encounters with only friends, family and knowledgeable guides.

The flourishing flora and fauna is busy reproducing, pollinating and multiplying making this season perfect for observing the young offspring of a variety of species.

Misty mountain mornings at Solio Lodge. ©Scott Ramsey

At our properties there are many green season greats to be enjoyed – here are few of our favourite:

At Sala’s Camp cast your eyes to the sky to spot the beautiful variety of migratory birds such as Montagu’s Harrier, European Marsh Harrier, European Roller and the Lesser Kestrel. This is also a great time to watch male weavers birds, hard at work building intrinsic nests for their fussy females. Watching them tirelessly weave their nests is one of the lesser known wonders of a safari. There is also huge number of baby impala, topi and other antelope that skip and prance along side their mothers. Look out of the colourful variety of flora coming into bloom such as Fireball Lilies, Flame Lilies and Wild Gladioli.


The calm before the storm. The Sand River starts as a gentle trickle but becomes a raging mass of water with the arrival of rain. ©Scott Ramsey

At Solio Lodge the rain showers settle the dust and mornings are welcomed with crystal clear Mount Kenya views. The green and lush acacia forests and plains are full of grazing animals and their young. White storks are everywhere; you can also spot the Eurasian Bee Eater, swallows and if your lucky the long tailed widow bird doing the mating dance!

Egyptian Geese enjoying the glorious puddle paradise at Solio

Sasaab is always a welcome oasis in the hot and dry Samburu wilderness. During green season our oasis is given a new lease of life. White butterflies flutter through the air, the dry scrubland is given refreshing pop of colour as the flora flourished and the frothing Ewaso Nyiro river fills the parched capillaries of the Samburu ecosystem.

Sasaab is a welcome oasis as the rain injects a new lease of life into the lodges gardens helping the indigenous flowers bloom and thrive. ©Scott Ramsey

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