How many toes does an elephant have? Why is it called a ‘white’ rhino? How long can a hippo stay under water? Chances are, if you know the answers to these questions it’s because you’ve been on safari with an exceptional guide. At The Safari Collection we believe that the difference between a good safari and a great safari often boils down to the quality of the guiding experience. There are plenty of people who can bounce around the bush finding good photo ops for their guests, but it takes a special dose of passion, enthusiasm and je-ne-sais-quoi to be the sort of guide who informs, enthuses and amuses all at once. These are the qualities and attributes TSC instills and encourages in its own highly-qualified safari guides.

“Guiding is one of the most important things, fundamental to the success of any safari,” says Mikey Carr-Hartley, Director of TSC. “It’s not just about finding animals; it’s about educating, entertaining and even elevating our guests’ knowledge about wildlife, ecosystems, conservation, history and all the issues that impact Africa’s unique flora and fauna.”

All of the guides who work with The Safari Collection are certified by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA) and regularly attend courses and come together to refresh their skills and share knowledge. They are Kenyans who love their homeland, are proud of Africa’s bounty and are eager to share it all with visitors. TSC guides hail from around and/or near the areas where they work, lending a specialised insight to the communities and environments through which they lead our guests. We are proud to make a continual, concerted and careful effort to nurture our guides from amateur to expert level, a process that takes years and never truly ever ends.

The return on the investment we make in our guides is the reward that comes from delivering a memorable, informative, safe and engaging safari experience for our guests. It’s what truly makes a safari with TSC one of the most unforgettable, satisfying holiday experiences you can have.

To find out more about the wildlife experiences one can encounter during a stay at our properties and to see our great guides in action watch of our latest TSC episode: Guiding and Wildlife below.

If you want to come on a safari of a lifetime with The Safari Collection and meet our guides in person, please contact The Safari Collection or call +254 731 914 732.