If vast panoramas, jaw-dropping views and awe-inspiring landscapes are your thing, then our safari helicopter tours are a MUST.



Dropping into valleys and soaring over mountains with wind in your face… expect the ULTIMATE EXHILARATION. Having your own wings gives you total freedom to explore Kenya’s wildest, most spectacular and extreme locations. Places inaccessible by land, untouched by humans and full of geographical wonders are suddenly at your fingertips. Looking down on Kenya’s vast wilderness from above offers an entirely new perspective. The spontaneity and freedom of a helicopter is unbeatable: enjoy instant access to remote locations (otherwise unavailable under time constraints) as well as incredible manoeuvrability –hover over wildlife or touch down beside a turquoise pool for a refreshing swim. This is why The Safari Collection has its very own helicopter and pilot so that we can offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the wildest corners of Kenya.


In line with our commitment to conservation and sustainability, we are conscious of having a positive impact on the environment around us. Therefore, we plant six trees per hour of flying to help reforest Mount Kenya. This off-sets the carbon emissions of our helicopter by over three times, making it the first climate positive tourist helicopter in the world. Our pilot also carries indigenous ‘seedballs’ on board, enabling guests to throw them out of the helicopter, literally planting trees as they fly. For more information on this initiative, please speak to our pilot.


Our Eurocopter AS 350 B3 helicopter is based at either Sasaab or Solio and is on standby to whizz guests off on a variety of excursions to the most remote destinations in Kenya. With five passenger seats, sliding doors and proven superior performance in extreme conditions, our AS 350 is perfect for low level cruising with optimum viewing.


Kieran Allen is our fabulously talented and trusty pilot who has clocked up over 1,000 flying hours in the AS 350 helicopter model alone. Born and raised on a farm in the Kenyan bush, he is fluent in Swahili and English, as well as two other African languages and a little French. From flying in hostile environments to carrying celebrities, guiding world-renowned photographers and undertaking game capturing operations, Kieran has extensive and diverse flying experience. His knowledge and passion for Kenya’s flora and fauna (especially insects and butterflies), coupled with his wisdom on the geology of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley and nomadic tribes, make him our ideal pilot. Did we also mention that he’s a grade III helicopter instructor with night rating and commercial licences for six different helicopter types? Kieran has created a variety of thrilling helicopter excursions for guests of The Safari Collection which depart from Sasaab and Solio. Avid anglers might be pleased to learn that Kieran also loves fly fishing, so can guide keen fishermen to the best secret spots on Kenya’s mountain lakes and streams.


Make the most of the transfers between safari destinations and do more than getting from A to B by taking a scenic helicopter tour. This option is available between Solio and Sasaab and vice versa, or between one of our properties and another.

Route: Solio Lodge to Sasaab Transfer (and vice versa).

Length: 1 hour trip / flying time (no stops and includes positioning fee)

Solio Lodge and Sasaab are only a short distance from each other, yet the terrain between the two is stunningly diverse. With mountains, forests, gorges and open plains, you’ll be awed and amazed by the incredible scenery. Depart Solio at 10:00 am and fly over Borana Conservancy. Keep an eye out for rhino as Borana is a highly successful sanctuary for these prehistoric looking and highly threatened creatures. Look down on the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve with its inviting blue pools before dropping off the edge of the Laikipia Plateau and down into the Mokogodo Gorge. Fly through the Kipsing Valley – a dry sand river often frequented by herds of elephant. As you near Sasaab you will join the Ewaso Nyiro River. Fly low over the water spotting wildlife on the riverbanks before arriving at Sasaab.

Cost: US$ 3,300 for up to 5 passengers


Our Kenya helicopter tours allow you to explore some of the most remote and wildest corners of Kenya, in our private helicopter from Solio Lodge and Sasaab.

Scenic Sundowners on the Sacred Mountain

Ancient Cycads and Baby Elephants

Glorious Gorges and Stunning Swims

Cultural and Geological Wonders

The Jewels of the North

Jagged Peaks and Sparkling Lakes

Misty Moorlands and Lichen-hung Forests

Pink Plumage and Dramatic Gorges


  • The flight time may increase or decrease depending on the weather en route.
  • The cost of diversion due to war or weather is billed directly to the client. The quotation is subject to change. Actual hours flown will determine the invoice.
  • Should there be a situation where the weather/other unforeseen circumstance (e.g. force majeure/technical issue with helicopter/illness of pilot) mean that the excursion is not able to take place, a full refund will be provided to the guest.
  • Luggage will be strictly limited to 15kgs per person including hand luggage. If there are 2 people or more on the flight who weigh over 100kgs, the baggage allowance reduces to 10kgs per person including hand luggage. All bags must be soft sided. It is not possible to put hard sided cases into the helicopter baggage hold.
  • Minimum age of passenger flying is 2 years old.
  • A safety harness will be provided and must be worn by all children if deemed necessary by the pilot.
  • The helicopter that The Safari Collection is operating is a Eurocopter AS350 B3+ powered by an Arriel Turbomeca 2D engine, with five passenger seats and one pilot.
  • Costs are based on the helicopter being at the property that is mentioned as the starting point for the excursion. Additional costs will be incurred if the helicopter is required to re-locate to the starting point for the excursion.








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