The Matthews is a chain of peaks which rise out of the desert-like lands of Kenya’s Northern Frontier District, stretching for over 150 kilometres.

After taking off from Sasaab at first light, fly northeast towards Mount Ololokwe, a striking mountain renowned for its distinctive flat-topped peak and cultural significance. Revered by the Samburu people as the ‘Mountain of God,’ it holds a special place in local folklore. Land, disembark and enjoy a morning coffee with breathtaking panoramic views.

Leave the dramatic slopes of Ololokwe behind and continue north towards the Matthews Mountain Range, one of the wildest and most untouched areas left in Kenya. Covered in a lush tropical forest, it is a refuge for an incredible number of species who rely on the forest for water during the dry season. Elephants, buffalo, Grevy’s zebra, lion, leopard, colobus monkeys and wild dog are just some of the animals found here. Enjoy a drink stop, where you might be able to spot and hear some of the 200 bird species and 150 butterfly species that live in the forest. As well as stunning views, you will be able to marvel at the giant cycads – enormous palm-like trees whose origins date back millions of years.

Leave the mountain forest and fly down to Reteti – the first ever community owned and run elephant sanctuary – in time for the daily feeding of the orphans. It is a heartwarming experience to see the new wave of thinking that has taken place within surrounding Samburu communities who have united to protect their local wildlife.

Watching the baby elephants come in from their walk to enjoy milk and frolic in the mud hole is magical. You will have a keeper on hand to tell you about the important community and conservation work that Reteti does, answer any questions and give you a behind the scenes tour of the sanctuary before your return flight to Sasaab.

Reteti works with local communities to rescue orphaned and abandoned elephant calves with the aim of returning them back to their wild family herds as soon as possible.

For up to 5 passengers

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* This helicopter excursion is a recommended route that includes some of the highlights of the area. It is possible to combine elements of different excursions from Solio Lodge or Sasaab to create a bespoke experience for the specific needs of our guests. Please contact us for more information and routing suggestions.


Ancient Cycads, Sacred Mountain & Baby Elephants

The Jewels of the North

Jagged Peaks and Sparkling Lakes

Pink Plumage, Dramatic Gorges & Dormant Volcanos


  • The flight time may increase or decrease depending on the weather en route.
  • The cost of diversion due to war or weather is billed directly to the client. The quotation is subject to change. Actual hours flown will determine the invoice.
  • Should there be a situation where the weather/other unforeseen circumstance (e.g. force majeure/technical issue with helicopter/illness of pilot) mean that the excursion is not able to take place, a full refund will be provided to the guest.
  • Luggage will be strictly limited to 15kgs per person including hand luggage. If there are 2 people or more on the flight who weigh over 100kgs, the baggage allowance reduces to 10kgs per person including hand luggage. All bags must be soft sided. It is not possible to put hard sided cases into the helicopter baggage hold.
  • Minimum age of passenger flying is 2 years old.
  • A safety harness will be provided and must be worn by all children if deemed necessary by the pilot.
  • The helicopter that The Safari Collection is operating is a Eurocopter AS350 B3+ powered by an Arriel Turbomeca 2D engine, with five passenger seats and one pilot.
  • Costs are based on the helicopter being at the property that is mentioned as the starting point for the excursion. Additional costs will be incurred if the helicopter is required to re-locate to the starting point for the excursion.
  • Rates exclude all extras such as park entrances, community fees, conservation fees and landing fees where applicable.







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