Awaken for a 6:30 am breakfast before departing at 7:00 am for the Aberdare Mountain Range just southwest of the lodge.

This narrow volcanic massif stretches 70 kilometres through central Kenya, its highest peaks rising to almost 4,000 metres. Designated a National Park in 1951, the 766 square kilometres of protected land holds an astonishing diversity of habitats, from rolling moorland, deep river valleys and lichen-hung forests, to bamboo thickets and giant heather woodland. Not surprisingly, it also hosts prolific wildlife. Here you can find the second largest herd of endangered black rhino as well as African wild dog, giant forest hog and black and white colobus monkeys, to name but a few. It is also one of the only places on earth (along with Mount Kenya National Park) where elephants live at over 3,000 metres in altitude. Your scenic Aberdares flight will begin by flying over the Salient – the lowest altitude area of the park where most of the larger species tend to be concentrated. Look out for black rhino in this area, as well as plains game such as buffalo, eland, zebra, waterbuck and various other antelope species.

As you soar above this diverse and pristine wilderness, look out for crystal-clear trout-filled streams and thundering waterfalls.

As you ascend the slopes of the mountain, you will notice changes in the vegetation, with several distinct zones and incredible botanical richness. Leaving the dense montane forests of the lower slopes, you will fly over bamboo forest, before entering woodland of East African rosewood (hagenia) trees and giant figs. Look out for movement of elephant herds below as they crash through the trees. Continuing your ascent, you will notice the terrain changing again to scrubland and zones of giant heather, before giving way to rolling tussock moorland higher up. As you soar above this diverse and pristine wilderness, look out for crystal-clear trout-filled streams and thundering waterfalls, the highest of which, Karuru Falls, crashes 300 metres into the spray-filled gorge below. In the misty, damp realms at the top of the Aberdares, touch down to explore a unique rock formation known as ‘Dragon’s Teeth’. Sporadically jutting out of the earth, these volcanic towers of rock are said to resemble a dragon’s jaws, hence their nickname. Enjoy a coffee stop here while you explore the rocks. Return to Solio in the late morning.

Fly over the Salient – the lowest altitude area of the park where most of the larger species tend to be concentrated.

$ 2,200

for up to 5 passengers
PLUS Aberdare park fees of $52 per adult and $26 per child (2 – 17 years)**
* This helicopter excursion is a suggested route that includes some of the highlights of the area. It is possible to combine elements of different excursions from Solio Lodge or Sasaab to create a bespoke experience for the specific needs of our guests. Please contact us for more information and routing suggestions.
**Park fees are current and correct at the time of producing this document but are subject to change without prior warning.


Scenic Sundowners on the Sacred Mountain

Ancient Cycads and Baby Elephants

Glorious Gorges and Stunning Swims

Cultural and Geological Wonders

The Jewels of the North

Jagged Peaks and Sparkling Lakes

Misty Moorlands and Lichen-hung Forests

Pink Plumage and Dramatic Gorges


  • In the event of bad weather, the booked helicopter flight will be rescheduled to a different time, which will be mutually agreed between our pilot and the lead passenger.
  • The flight time may increase or decrease depending on the weather en route.
  • The cost of diversion due to war or weather is billed directly to the client. The quotation is subject to change. Actual hours flown will determine the invoice.
  • Minimum chargeable flight time is 1 hour. 100% payment is required at the time of confirmation before the flight.
  • Cancellation charges are 50% if cancelled within 24 hours after confirmation/payment and 100% thereafter. Cancellation of a pre-booked helicopter trip must be made in writing.
  • Should there be a situation where the weather/other unforeseen circumstance (e.g. force majeure/technical issue with helicopter/illness of pilot) mean that the excursion is not able to take place, a full refund will be provided to the guest.
  • Luggage will be strictly limited to 15kgs per person, including hand luggage. If there are 2 people or more on the flight who weigh over 100kgs, the baggage allowance reduces to 10kgs per person including hand luggage.
  • All entrance and park fees are to be paid in addition to the hourly flying rate and can be paid directly on the day of the excursion.
  • Minimum age of passenger flying is 2 years old.
  • A safety harness will be provided and must be worn by all children if deemed necessary by the pilot.
  • The helicopter that The Safari Collection is operating is a Eurocopter AS350 B3+ powered by an Arriel Turbomeca 2D engine, with five passenger seats and one pilot.








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