Pucker up! Today is International Kissing Day and to celebrate, we thought we’d take you through a step-by-step guide on how to ‘pull’ off the perfect giraffe kiss during your stay at Giraffe Manor!

Step 1: Meet & Greet

It’s not every day you get to lock lips with an 18-foot leggy blonde! Here at Giraffe Manor, each member of our resident herd of Rothschild‘s giraffes has a name so we think it’s only polite that you know who you’re kissing!

The boys: Edd, Olerai and Mpingo

The girls: Daisy, Salma, Stacey, Kelly, and Nandi

‘a giraffes tongue can measure up to 50 centimetres long to give them the best leverage when nibbling from the top of trees’

Step 2: Wine & Dine

A romantic dinner for two in our Orchid House sounds lovely but there’s no chance of you squeezing your long-legged date through the door. Your courtship will take place in the morning in the manor’s breakfast rooms, where your companion can elegantly stick his or her neck through the windows. If mornings aren’t your thing, then there’s always an afternoon opportunity to ‘pucker up’ on the front lawn with tea, homemade cakes and beautiful views of the famous Ngong Hills.

What’s on the menu? We cater for all tastes and as you tuck into muesli, pastries, fruit or a full English, your unusual guest will be enjoying their usual order of tasty pellets made of grasses, hay, wheat and molasses.

‘an adult giraffe can eat up to one kilogram during breakfast’

How to feed by hand:

  1. Always stand in front of your giraffe and don’t make any sudden movements.
  2. Using your thumb and index finger, hold a single pellet in a pinch position and feed the giraffe one pellet at a time.
  3. Refrain from feeding the giraffe with an open hand that’s loaded with pellets.
  4. No one likes a tease! Feed the giraffe when you have the pellets in your hand.

‘did you know that giraffe tongues are a bluish-black colour to help protect them from sunburn when they munch on tall branches’

Step 3: Kiss & Tell

Take your time and get to know each giraffe before you couple up. Ask our team to find out who your feeding as there are a few personality traits that you ought to know about. Daisy is the only giraffe that doesn’t like to kiss… not on the first date at least. Edd enjoys a hug whilst you feed him with your other hand. Gentle Stacey loves to kiss and is great for beginners. Kelly also loves to kiss but be cautious as she also loves a cheeky head-butt and has been known to bump unsuspecting selfie takers!

Now for the big moment. Start by feeding a few pellets by hand before trying the kiss approach. Once you have mastered this it’s time to try the giraffe kiss!

For the perfect giraffe kiss:

  1. Pick a nice long pellet to ensure there’s enough for your giraffe’s tongue to hold onto!
  2. Place one end of the pellet between your puckered lips, make sure your lips are covering it as little of the pellet as possible.
  3. Move your head up towards your eagerly awaiting, black tongued partner!
  4. Expect a Sloppy kiss and don’t worry about the slobber! Giraffe saliva has antiseptic properties to protect it from spiky acacia thorns.
  5. Don’t forget to capture this magical, bucket list moment on camera!

Want to kiss a giraffe? Get in touch to book your stay at Giraffe Manor. If you have already visited us, then relive your magical memories by spreading the love and sharing your giraffe kiss with us on Instagram.



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