Notch’s Grandkids: New Lion Cubs Found at Sala’s

By Mark Boyd, Sala’s Camp Manager

We had noticed a very pregnant lioness moving around near our Masai Mara lodge recently, so we assumed a new set of cubs would arrive soon.

Yesterday, guide Mrefu was doing a small drive in the area with guests, and found one of the ‘Notch Boys’ out in the open. When they drove closer, they saw the lioness in the thick bush nearby. Mrefu knew she was hiding something.

And then, out crawled two tiny cubs.

These cubs, fathered by one of the ‘Notch Boys’, are grandkids of the famous male lion ‘Notch,’ who was one of the oldest and best-known male lions in the Mara.

These cubs are still in the area and are growing up quickly. Their mother regularly moves them from one hiding place to another to protect them from other predators, but they remain close by and we look forward to seeing the little bundles more.

Here are the first photos of the cute new additions to the pride: