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Lion Kids Camp is a unique opportunity for community children in Kenya to experience camping in the wilderness and being taken on “safari” in their own backyard. Through game drives, bird walks, mammal and bird presentations, quizzes, fun games and the chance to meet and interact with some of the most respected conservationists in Kenya – the children are given a glimpse into the importance of conservation and the role that they have to play in safeguarding the future of such a precious resource.

Diary Day 5

I opened my eyes this morning to a real Samburu blessing – rain! A fitting end to a great week.

The kids wrapped up the camp by repeating the wildlife quiz they did on day 1 – the scores from the first day will be compared to the scores on the last day for each student, to determine what their retention has been on all the information they have received during the camp.

This information, along with that gained from the pre and post camp questionnaires, will be used in the overall camp evaluation report, to help guide how the Lion Kids Camps are developed and improved in the future.

The Safari Collection also did a tourism quiz to see if the children had really grasped the link between tourism and conservation. I think for the most part there is a good understanding of how important tourism is for those families living so near to the Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserves.

With everything complete the kids headed home armed with their certificates and a wealth of knowledge as conservation ambassadors.

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By Ali Allport, Community and Conservation Manager, The Safari Collection

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