Giza likizidi, kucha kunakaribia ~ Swahili proverb
When darkness becomes more intense, dawn is near.

Every cloud has a silver lining, even Covid-19. The above Swahili proverb is one we can relate to right now. As many people are facing their darkest hour, we know that it won’t last forever. New corona cases are slowing in many countries and a gradual easing of lockdown measures in Europe and Asia shines light at the end of the tunnel.

A peaceful sunset in an empty Masai Mara

But we are also hopeful of something else. Something deeper and longer-lasting. We are hopeful of a new dawn for humankind in terms of the impact that we, as humans, have on our planet. Nothing sums up our sentiments better than the powerfully emotive and thought-provoking video ‘A Letter From The Pandemic’ created by wildlife photographer Robin Moore. If you haven’t seen it yet, we urge you to watch it.

“Now, as the Earth stops to take a collective deep breath, you have a rare opportunity to reimagine and redefine your place in the world, and to restore the natural balance.” ~ A Letter From the Pandemic

Protecting Pangolins at Sala’s Camp

Creatures great and small live at Giraffe Manor

Tourism has been hard hit in the pandemic. Yet at the same time, ecotourism is one of the most significant tools in re-addressing our balance with nature for the long-term wellbeing and prosperity of us all. The Safari Collection is doing what it can to ensure that progress in safeguarding Kenya’s wild spaces and biodiversity continues. The recent launch of our Footprint unites all our vital conservation and community projects going on throughout Kenya. Your support with this is invaluable. To all of you who have postponed and not cancelled, thank you, it makes all the difference.

Reduce, reuse and recycle at The Safari Collection ©Mark Boyd

A graceful elephant in the Masai Mara

Now, more than ever, our commitment to safeguarding nature’s biodiversity and wilderness counts.

When the world does unfurl its wings again, we hope that many people will have found greater respect for the natural world, alongside a heightened awareness of their footprint. Our actions do have consequences. We have the power to make wise choices and to make our travel count. As a company, we are passionate that wherever we go, and you go, we should step lightly, and ensure that our journeys make meaningful impacts. Our camps and lodges operate with this sentiment deeply engrained.

Just by staying at each of our properties, you make a genuine and positive impact on the people, wildlife and landscapes of Kenya.

With The Safari Collection, travel counts for more than magical memories. It counts for the families we are able to give employment to and the clean water wells we’re able to help dig; it counts for local communities who can see the benefits of protecting wildlife, rather than fighting against it; it counts for the anti-poaching teams we help support and the children we can help educate about conservation. It counts in the existence of many more people, animals and landscapes than you might imagine. Discover more about how a stay at Giraffe Manor, Sala’s Camp, Solio Lodge and Sasaab COUNTS.

Travel is a luxury not a necessity. Make your travel count.