Tanya was born in Kenya and raised by parents whose lives were rooted in a love for travel, wildlife and culture. Having spent her childhood in various parts of Africa, she grew up with a desire to show keen adventurists the best of what the continent has to offer. Together with her husband Mikey and their three children, they love spending time in the bush, be it with family or guiding guests. As the daughter of Kenya’s first auctioneer, Tanya’s upbringing ignited a strong interest in art and design. Before starting a safari business, she studied a degree in Fine Art and English in the UK, and her career has included photographic work and exhibiting artwork. Her eye for design runs throughout their camps and lodges. Tanya is committed to embedding sustainability in their business and making a genuine positive impact on people and wildlife.
Mikey is a Kenyan with wildlife and adventure in his blood. He spent his childhood gaining invaluable first-hand knowledge of the African wilderness and its diversity of flora and fauna. After studying marketing and business management, he gained wide-ranging experience in the construction and management of high-end lodges. Together with his wife, they have built and developed lodges and private homes throughout Kenya. Mikey and Tanya’s extensive knowledge and mutual love of African landscape and wildlife led to them setting up their own safari company. Today, Mikey loves nothing more than exploring new possibilities for the conservation and enjoyment of Kenya’s wild spaces. He is passionate about tourism with a purpose and committed to creating solutions for conservation through community partnerships.
Phanuel believes that Kenya is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything that the perfect travel destination needs, from breath-taking landscapes and unique national parks bursting with wild animals, to pristine white sandy beaches on the Indian Ocean. This is what drives him to create perfect safari holidays in Kenya, in which no detail is left uncovered and which exceed his guests’ expectations. Having worked in different components of the travel industry for over six years, he has an excellent understanding of exactly how to put together the perfect package. Phanuel loves elephants for their compassion and intelligence, and never travels without his camera so that he can document every memory.
ALPHY OBUYASafari Expert
Meet Alphy, our seasoned traveller who’s always smiling and has over ten years of experience as a tour consultant. His wide travel experience across Africa enables him to design special and memorable safaris for his guests. As a child, he holds fond memories of journeying from Nairobi back to his village in the countryside, as he loved looking at the beautiful scenery along the way. Amboseli National Park is one of his favourite Kenyan locations as it combines breath-taking views of Mount Kilimanjaro with amazing wildlife. Alphy has held a soft spot for cheetahs since he carried out volunteer work with orphaned cheetah cubs when he was younger.
Sarah handles Giraffe Manor’s reservations. It’s lucky then, that her favourite animal is a giraffe! She loves their reticular patterns, long necks and the way that they move with such gracefulness and elegance. Even though nothing can top the Giraffe Manor experience, Sarah enjoys exploring the many beautiful properties in East Africa and believes that from the bush to the beach, there is truly something for everyone. Sarah is a big fan of Zanzibar, ‘the beaches are so pristine and beautiful. You can’t beat exploring the white sand beaches and swimming in the warm Indian ocean’
Antony has a diverse range of experience and knowledge within East Africa. With a passion for Kenya’s diverse flora and fauna, Anthony loves exploring new destinations and seeking out species that he has not yet encountered. Anthony is in complete awe of elephants and their complex communication habits. For first time safari goers, Antony suggests bringing along a decent point and click camera (with a good zoom) to capture the unforgettable memories that you will make.
AMOS OMONDISafari Expert
Amos has close to a decade’s worth of experience in creating bespoke safaris. He enjoys sharing the variety of activities that East Africa has on offer by stitching together the most magical trips for his clients. In his words, ‘my experience over the years has given me the expertise to create tailor-made East African holidays to fit our customers’ requirements, thus delivering the trip of a lifetime.’ Amos’s favourite place in Kenya is Lamu because of its rich history, beautiful beaches and empty rolling sand dunes. His most memorable wildlife encounter was with wild dogs during a Masai Mara safari, an experience he treasures and hopes to enjoy again one day.
Lawrence is our Spanish expert, fluent in both written and spoken Spanish (as well as speaking four other languages!) Born and bred in the tourism industry, he has followed in the footsteps of his father, visiting parks and reserves throughout Africa and beyond as a tour guide. With over ten years of experience both inside the office as a travel consultant and out in the field as a tour guide, he is an expert at curating unforgettable adventures. He especially loves pitching unique safari destinations to clients, helping them explore places relatively undiscovered. His top tip for anyone coming to Kenya: ‘Get your visa and passport ready, then leave the rest to me’
With a degree in Tourism Management, a background at leading successful projects and a passion for travel, Nicholas is adept at delivering a high-quality guest experience. He’s travelled extensively across East Africa and has worked in all sorts of notable safari companies. His top tips when exploring Africa are to travel light, sample the local cuisine and always find time to connect with people. When he was young, he remembers admiring aircrafts flying over his home, which is what sparked his dream to travel and his love for tourism. After an early career as a high school Science teacher, he’s now excited to work in an industry he feels passionately about.
Beatrice has been working for The Safari collection since its inception and thus has an unmatched wealth of experience with the company. Beatrice loves Kenya’s sunny climate and the diversity of wildlife on offer. Having worked at Giraffe Manor for well over a decade, Beatrice has developed an incomparable fondness for her favourite animal… giraffes. Beatrice believes that it is the warm-hearted people of Kenya that makes people come back again and again. Her top travel tip is to pack a relaxed spirit to make the most of what Africa has to offer, and most of all a camera to capture those special moments.
JANET MWANGISales Consultant
After studying Travel and Tourism, Janet spent time working in Nairobi National Park before joining a travel agency for a while. From there, we welcomed her into The Safari Collection family and she never looked back! Having progressed from Sale’s Support, she is now a consultant, experienced in planning memorable trips for guests. She loves any opportunity to engage with clients, understand their needs and provide tailored solutions to make their safari dreams come true. When not planning safaris, Janet loves outdoor activities such as ziplining and hiking. Her most memorable travel experience was gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda.
ABIGAEL ANYULASales Consultant
After graduating from college, Abigael went straight into an internship with Uniglobe Silverbird Travel, leading to her position as a Tours Consultant, which led her down the path to where she is today. She loves jumping on calls with different guests, striking up conversations and discovering what they want out of their African travel experience. When not helping guests plan their dream safaris, she enjoys visiting galleries and checking out the art scene in Nairobi. She might have been a painter in another life! Her top tip for coming to Kenya: don’t forget a beach hat as you’re travelling to the tropics!
SIMON KINYUASales Consultant
Simon is from the Mount Kenya region, which is where his career began in one of the safari lodges. From there, he has worked in many different locations across Kenya, perfecting his experience at designing incredible trips for people. He loves that he can use his expertise to create memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for his clients. When not designing awesome trips, Simon loves getting outdoors, cycling and swimming. Amboseli is one of his favourite destinations in Kenya dues to the amazing view of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. His top travel tip: leave enough room in your luggage to take memories back home.
David is friendly, patient and always has the ability to put a smile on your face. These qualities enable him to handle high-pressure situations whilst remaining cool, calm and collected. When it comes to safaris, David’s top tip would be to not carry more than one soft duffle suitcase as ‘you will always leave Kenya with more than when you arrived!’ Kenya’s culture and diversity of wildlife is what makes it so special to David.