For the ultimate of private guided safaris, we offer bespoke, specialised trips with your own private guide.

A privately guided safari offers you an opportunity to enjoy a more bespoke trip with an expert in the field. Dedicated to going the extra mile, our charming and professional guides will ensure your African adventure goes beyond your wildest expectations. A specialist safari guide has a wealth of knowledge from which you can draw upon. Whether your interests lie in birding, geology or photography, or perhaps someone who speaks your native language, we will do our best to ‘match-make’ you with your ideal guide.

Enjoy insider insights and a real personal connection throughout.

As well as benefiting from a pool of expertise to dip into whenever you wish, going on safari with a private guide adds a unique personal touch and element of continuity. You’ll get to know your guide well, as they will be with you throughout your journey. Fascinating local insights and insider perspectives can really take your safari to the next level.

A private guide gives you the freedom to focus all your energies on the magic of safari.

Leave all logistics and uncertainties about travelling in a foreign country at home. Our intuitive guides handle everything, so you don’t have to. They’re experts in planning dreamy days, with smooth sailing from one location to another. The only decision you’ll need to make is what to drink as you watch the sun go down.




Each of our professional guides shares our passion for protecting the wilderness and is totally in-tune with their natural surroundings. They will be your personal host, on-hand expert and grand facilitator of your African adventure. We have a fabulous fleet of charming personalities, all with different areas of expertise. Here are just a few of the faces you might meet:

LENJOH LEWARGESAll round safari expert
Lenjoh loves every safari he goes on and it shows. Never without a beaming smile from ear to ear, guests return to him time and time again for his genuine positivity and expert knowledge. With 33 years of guiding experience, he prides himself on being able to find unique ‘off the beaten track’ locations for wildlife photographers. Lenjoh was born and raised in Kenya’s northern Samburu land, but rapidly acquired in-depth experience as a guide throughout Kenya and the wider African continent. Elephants are one of his favourite animals to spend time with; he finds being in their presence incredibly special and is passionate about their conservation.
ROBIN MOOREMulti-award-winning photographer and author
It’s no surprise that Robin brings a unique perspective to safaris. Born and raised in the wilds of Scotland, he cultivated a love for the great outdoors and the smaller amphibians of our world at a young age. This eventually led him to publishing his best-selling book, ‘In Search of Lost Frogs’. Robin is currently based out of the States. He uses his photography to shine a light on conservation issues and marginalised communities all over the world. Robin is a passionate visual storyteller. He loves nothing more than inspiring his guests to capture new perspectives through their camera lenses. He is also an accomplished filmmaker, podcaster and conservationist.
GARY HOPCRAFTAvid wildlife photographer
Gary loves nothing more than being out in the bush sharing his wildlife wisdom on safari. He is passionate about the vast open spaces of his home country and spent his childhood collecting butterflies and feathers on his family farm in the Great Rift Valley. As a teenager, he accompanied his professional safari guide father on African wildlife safari trips throughout East Africa, building his knowledge of the flora and fauna around him. After completing his university degree in England, he returned to Kenya where he splits his time between farming and guiding safaris. An avid photographer, Gary loves helping his clients to capture the perfect wildlife shots.
KELVIN LEMANTAANAt one with nature
Kelvin has been in tune with the African bush since he was born. As a Samburu who grew up in Westgate Conservancy close to Sasaab, the sights, sounds, smells and tracks of the African wilderness are second nature to him. He can’t remember ever wanting to do anything else apart from share his love for the myriad of plant and animal life surrounding him. Now a private guide with over 16 years of experience guiding guests all over Kenya, he’s got his dream job. He never tires of being out in the bush listening to birdsong. With eyes like a hawk and an intimate knowledge of every nook and cranny of his Samburu homeland, his guests are never disappointed.
MIKEY CARR-HARTLEYIntrepid adventurer
A founding member of The Safari Collection, Mikey was born with safari in his blood. His life has been dedicated to the wildlife and wilderness of East Africa from a young age, a passion which he has imbued in his three children. A true ‘bush-man’, being out in the African wilderness is what Mikey loves best, mostly because of the feelings of freedom and spontaneity it gives him. A pioneering nature sees him constantly on the hunt for new adventures on paths less travelled and intrepid experiences to share with his guests. Mikey’s knowledge of flora and fauna is extensive and accompanied by his excellent repertoire of campfire stories, makes him an unforgettable guide.
ANN POWYSBotanical guide
Ann is a lover of all things botanical. She is one of Kenya’s leading experts and authors on the indigenous plants of East Africa and their uses. So, if you want to zone in on the trees, shrubs and flowers on your safari, then she’s the guide for you. Born and raised on a cattle ranch in northern Kenya, Ann’s upbringing cultivated her enormous respect and passion for the natural world from a young age. With over 17 years of professional guiding experience, she certainly has a story or two to tell. When she’s not guiding, she runs her own eco-lodge in Laikipia. She also consults for various conservation trusts and is dedicated to the publishing of her ethnobotanical books.


The best bit about having your own private guide, is that it allows you to make a totally unique, ‘off the map’ and truly memorable African adventure. From bespoke philanthropic experiences to mountaineering and archaeology excursions, our private guides can take you on a tailor-made safari of your wildest dreams.

Snake spotted whilst out walking on private guided safari

Taming Wild Africa

From chasing wild dogs, to catching cobras and driving up near vertical cliff faces to find the perfect breakfast spot. There’s nothing quite like seeing Africa through the eyes of a local expert. Enjoy extensive insider knowledge and all sorts of extra quirks and surprises with a private safari guide.

Myths and Legends

Have you ever wondered why the Maasai wrap themselves in red? Or how ‘The Big Five’ came to be? Nuggets of indigenous folklore and African history are naturally woven into journeys alongside private guides. You can even visit sacred mountains worshipped by the Samburu Tribe if it interests you…the possibilities are endless.

Pink owl resting in tree
Masai woman piercing ear of safari guide in village

Cultural Kenya

To really get under the skin of Kenya, consider a bespoke journey to discover some of the many conservation and community projects we support. Get involved in the protection of threatened species and meet some of the enchanting communities we work alongside. Gain an insight into the true ‘spirit’ of Kenya.

Through the Lens

Many people journey to Kenya hoping to capture the spirit of its extraordinary wildlife and people on camera. Robin Moore will show you exactly how to harness the essence of Africa through your lens. His expert guidance and unique way of looking at the world around him are both informative and refreshing.

Hyena spotted on a private guided safari walk


For our guides, Africa is their homeland. Their boundless enthusiasm for the wild is infectious and excites an intrepid energy in all who experience it.

It’s hard to put the experience offered by a private guide into words, as it goes far beyond their local knowledge and expertise. Of course, this plays a huge part. Ask them anything, anytime, and nine times out of ten they’ll impart their in-depth knowledge of the local flora and fauna, usually with the addition of a personal story and a little humour.

But, aside from this, they enrich a safari in so many ways.

Expect to get to know each other well, as you’ll be spending a lot of time together – be it on a guided nature walk or over dinner time discussions. Your guide will quickly become an expert at anticipating your needs. Days will be designed specifically to match your preferences and maximise your enjoyment. You don’t need to worry about making daily plans, as your guide will make the right decisions for you!

A private guide will ensure you get the most out of your time in Africa.

Personal guides make the whole experience more relaxing and fun. Their deep-rooted ‘bush-sense’ puts you totally at ease and logistics are deftly handled without you even knowing. The peace of mind provided by a guide is invaluable – it enables you to completely unwind and fully embrace every aspect of your adventure. Mutual trust is built and often lifelong friendships blossom.

Private plunge pool overlooking herd of elephants drinking in the river
Taking wildlife photos on a private guided safari game drive


The cost of a Private Guided Safari depends greatly on your itinerary, guide and requirements. Private guide prices range from US$ 400 to US$ 1000 per day. All guides are subject to availability.

A wonderful photo safari made special by Robin Moore, our passionate photography mentor and leader. His input was so valuable for me. His passion was infectious, engaging and fun. The only disappointment…Robin didn’t wear his kilt!

Barbara Parkins
March 2018


Our six diverse camps and lodges offer an unbeatable collection of Kenya’s best. For the ultimate Masai Mara safari wildlife experience, look no further than Sala’s Camp. If adventures in Samburu are on your bucket-list, then Sasaab is the luxury tented camp for you. For unbelievable rhino encounters, Solio is the best of the luxury lodges in Kenya. For a totally wild, off-grid escape, Siruai Mobile Camp is ideal. Start and end your safari in total tranquillity at The Retreat. Through our collection, you can experience all that is magical about Kenya whilst making a difference to people and planet.














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