Sasaab’s story begins in 2007, when this luxury safari lodge first opened its stunning Swahili-style wooden entrance to safari-goers. Actually, the story goes a little further back. For some time, Mikey and Tanya Carr-Hartley had been eager to create a community tourism project that would help protect and preserve this remote wilderness area in Kenya’s arid north for future generations. By creating a Samburu luxury safari destination within Westgate Conservancy, the vision was to bring the benefits of high-end tourism to local communities, igniting a natural vested interest in protecting the surrounding environment and wildlife.

Sasaab enjoys a positive partnership with the local Samburu communities who reside in Westgate Community. Conservancy fees paid by guests go towards roads, security, schools, clinics and general management. Most of the lodge team are employed directly from the local community and through The Safari Collection’s Footprint, Sasaab supports a myriad of health and education projects in the nearby area.


The design of this luxury safari lodge was born out of a need to protect it from the seasonal flooding of the mighty Ewaso Nyiro River, the lifeline of Samburu and much of Kenya’s north which flows right below the lodge. As such, Sasaab was built high above the water on a rocky ridgeline, also enabling it to take advantage of the spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Tanya and Mikey designed the lodge in a Moroccan style to embrace the African heat and the expansive surrounding landscape; open archways allow for a cooling breeze to flow through, as well as stunning vistas out onto the savannah and mountains beyond. The design compliments Sasaab’s open tent design, thatched roofs and private plunge pools, all of which enable guests to stay comfortable and cool. It provides the ultimate Samburu luxury safari accommodation.


‘Sasaab’ is the Samburu name of a local white flowering shrub (a sub-species of Ipomoea) that grows in this area. When the seasonal rains quench the thirsty earth of this semi-arid region, beautiful bursts of colourful flowers dot the scrubland and the landscape awakens with new life.