In additional to exiting game drives, camel adventures, quad bikes and time spent splashing around in the pool, there is lots on offer at Sasaab to delight younger guests. Children often love to spend a few hours with one of our friendly Samburu warriors who will guide them on a nature trail specially designed for little ones. They can learn to make a traditional Samburu bow and arrow and also how to make a toothbrush from the Samburu toothbrush tree (don’t throw your toothpaste and floss away too quickly). This is fun for big kids too! If there are a group of children, our guides can organise a mini ‘Samburu Olympics’ for them to show off their warrior skills against one another. Sundowners are a sticky treat for children: marshmallows grilled on a small bush fire while you enjoy a grown-up drink and take in the spectacle of the setting sun over the vast African plains.

Sasaab is a paradise for children who love nature and exploring the great outdoors.