It is possible for us to organise a traditional dance with the local Samburu community for guests to watch and even participate in. It is a real assault on all the senses and an unforgettable experience that many guests say is a highlight of their time at Sasaab. The dance is a spectacular display of the Samburu warriors and girls clapping, singing and jumping, adorned in elaborate headdresses and brightly beaded necklaces. It usually takes place on the dry riverbed close to the lodge and is enjoyed with a sundowner. At the end of the dance the warriors, as per their tradition, slaughter a goat. Our guests are welcome to participate in this ceremony if they wish. This activity is subject to availability and must be booked prior to your arrival at Sasaab as we need at least 24 hours to organise the dance with the warriors.

Watching a Samburu dance is a mesmerising experience which draws you right in to the vibrant and rhythmic Samburu world.