Enjoy peaceful morning, afternoon and evening game viewing in one of Kenya’s least busy private game reserves. The wildlife is abundant, making for easy and plentiful sightings. It also means there is no need to rush out first thing, unless you want to, of course! Spend time with the prolific numbers of black and white rhino and spot four out of the ‘big five’ (there are no elephants at Solio as they have been purposely fenced out to preserve the vegetation for the endangered black rhino). Reticulated giraffe, eland, waterbuck, lion, leopard, cheetah and many other species can all be spotted.

Guests at Solio benefit from unique roof top benches on our safari vehicles which offer the ultimate, uninterrupted game viewing. Our customised 4 x 4s are also kitted out with ponchos, suncream, drinks and wildlife books – everything to keep you happy during a game drive.