For many ‘music speaks louder than words’ as songs and sounds hold the power to conjure up vivid memories or vibrant dreams. Better than any diary entry or holiday snap, music can transport us back in time to a special moment from our past, or be the soundtrack to an aspiration or pipedream of the future.

‘Music speaks louder than words’- Kenyan Proverb

Samburu song and dance is part of a social ritual that goes back hundreds of years

For those that have visited Sasaab and interacted with the Samburu people, you will not easily forget their spine-tingling chants, rhythmic clapping, and soulful singing. Together with hypnotic dancing displays, these deeply moving and wondrous sights and sounds will be imprinted on your memory and treasured forever. For those that are yet to visit, glimpses into the ancient traditions of nomadic indigenous people are bucket-list material.

Sasaab brought in singers from the local Samburu community and recorded their sounds

In a mission to capture and preserve Samburu song, Sasaab recently took part in a project to help collect, protect and promote tribal music. We collaborated with Midi Minds Kenya, a group of talented DJ’s from Nairobi whose vision is to capture the singing, rhythms and vocal chants of Kenya’s tribal music. Midi Minds aims to sell these audio snapshots to international artists, channelling the revenue generated back into the community to build essential infrastructures.

Samburu ladies came to the lodge to have their singing and dancing recorded in a mobile studio

During their stay, Midi Minds also created a short film encapsulating the Sounds of Sasaab. We hope you enjoy this colourful combination of Samburu song and vibrant footage and that the sounds inspire you to start dreaming about your Sasaab safari. Don’t forget to turn the volume up!