Today is a very significant day for us all at The Safari Collection and Giraffe Manor! The 21st of June is World Giraffe Day! Naturally, we think every day should be WGD but still, a whole 24 hours dedicated to these graceful creatures is definitely worth celebrating! World Giraffe Day was initiated by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) to raise support, create awareness and shed light on the challenges giraffe face in the wild.

‘Not only is it a worldwide celebration of these amazing and much-loved animals, but an annual event to raise support, create awareness and shed light on the challenges giraffe face in the wild’

According to the GCF, there are only approximately 100,000 giraffes left in the wild, meaning they are approaching high-risk status.

The 21st of June also happens to be the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere… an ideal day to celebrate the longest-necked animals in the world!

Giraffe Sponsorship

Earlier this year, in collaboration with The Giraffe Conservation Foundation, we launched our own Giraffe Sponsorship Programme at Giraffe Manor.

The opportunity to sponsor a giraffe is offered to the guests who stay at Giraffe Manor. If you sign up for sponsorship, 50% of the money you donate goes directly to the GCF to support their efforts across the continent to save the different giraffe species in danger. The remaining 50% goes towards The Safari Collection’s carefully selected community and conservation projects.

To our existing sponsors, we want to extend a warm and truly heartfelt ‘asante sana’ for standing tall for giraffes and for contributing to the important work of giraffe conservation, as well as to The Safari Collection’s sustainability projects.

We would also like to extend a thank you on behalf of our own herd which, because of our visitors, is healthy and thriving!

This past month we have had two births at the Manor which brought our resident herd up to 14. Last week we saw the primary purpose of the sanctuary fulfilled once again as three young giraffes were relocated into the wild.  It was a bittersweet moment saying goodbye to Margaret, Jock and Waridi as they were moved from Giraffe Manor to their new home, Mwea National Reserve. This small national park was established in 1976 as a refuge for wildlife in central Kenya. The area is home to many large mammals including elephant, common zebra, buffalo, greater kudu and hippo. It is also of course home to some of Kenya’s precious populations of Rothschild’s giraffes. We are told that Margaret, Jock and Waridi are settling well into their new home and are assured by the knowledge that they will play a significant role in contributing to the conservation of Rothschild’s giraffes in the wild.

With these recent arrivals and departures, we would like to update you on who’s who at Giraffe Manor.

Daisy IV

Daisy was born in August 2009. She is very large for a female and although she can be a bit cranky at times she is also incredibly gentle and loves being the centre of attention. Feed her treats and she will be your best friend, try not to touch her face though – she’s the only giraffe that doesn’t like to kiss… not on the first date at least!


Edd was born in July 2011. He is super tall and loves to feed from the balconies or the windows. Edd is a gentle giant and enjoys a hug whilst you feed him with your other hand. Father to all of the young ones, Edd continues to grow and astonish us with his size which is markedly contrasted by his wonderfully gentle nature. His son with Betty, Jock, seems to be developing a similar nature.


Stacey was relocated to the Giraffe Centre from Mwea Conservancy and is still very shy. A gentle soul, Stacey is very quiet and likes to go with the flow. She loves a giraffe kiss!


Kelly was born in August 2002. She is usually the first up and last to leave the manor. Kelly is the dominant female and lets everyone know it! She loves to kiss and has incredible coordination when it comes to catching pellets between her lips! Don’t stand too close however as she also loves a cheeky head-butt and has been known to ‘bump’ unsuspecting selfie-takers!


Salma was born in November 2011. Just like her mum Betty, she stays close to the sanctuary but will come up to Giraffe Manor occasionally. Although Salma is shy she is tougher than she looks having been attacked by a lion in 2012.


Kelly’s youngest calf, Olerai was born in August 2017 and is named after the Maasai word for the Yellow Fever Tree. He is a precious and curious little giraffe and is bffs with Mpingo as they are often seen frolicking around the sanctuary together.


Nandi is Stacey’s calf and was born at the sanctuary in July 2016. Her name is derived from the local Nandi Flame Tree or African Tuliptree, which blooms with beautiful, fiery orange flowers. Stacey’s coat is a gorgeous reddish/auburn colour so if Nandi’s colouring takes after her mother in any way, it should prove to be a very fitting name indeed.


Daisy’s youngest calf, Mpingo was born at the end of September 2017. He is named after the Swahili word for the East African Blackwood Tree. Mpingo and  Olerai are the best of buddies and enjoy running around the sanctuary. Occasionally we are fortunate to witness touching moments between Mpingo and his father Edd, who likes to check up on his youngest son.


Born in 2000 near Lake Nakuru, Betty is the oldest of the giraffe at the manor. Betty does not come to the manor so much; having been the matriarch for a very long time she was ousted by Kelly in 2015 when she had her first baby.

New arrivals 

Stacey and Salma each gave birth to calves a few days apart at the end of May. This is particularly special for Salma whose first two calves sadly passed away after they born. We are pleased to report that the two new additions to the family are so far thriving, with Stacey’s wee one showing signs of brave curiosity as it already approaches the manor quite closely for such a new born. The calves usually receive their names as they approach a year in age so be sure to follow our social feeds if you want to be amongst the first to learn their names!

Now… back to World Giraffe Day! Stand tall and help us celebrate these gentle giants by raising awareness of their silent extinction and our important mission to keeping these beautiful animals a part of our wildlife. If you would like to find out more about our projects and involvement in giraffe conservation please email [email protected][Edit: Sadly Salma’s calf passed away four days after posting this blog. AFEW are keeping a close eye on Salma and making sure that she is OK].

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