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Eco tourism is the very backbone of The Safari Collection ethos, where conservation, community and tourism stand side by side. From our commitment to our local communities, to the way we purchase our supplies, The Safari Collection takes into consideration its impact at all levels. Our hands on conservation team is committed to protecting, maintaining and enhancing the incredible landscapes in which we work, in order to support the long term vision of The Safari Collection and to preserve the wilderness for future generations.

Take a moment to absorb the wonder of our landscapes.

Appreciate the fragility of our conservation areas.

Understand the vital role you play in preserving our environment.


There are fewer than 20,000 lions and 7000 cheetah left in Africa. We support conservation and community development through a few carefully chosen projects that directly conserve the big cats and address the primary causes of their decline.


The global cheetah population is rapidly dwindling and with less than 7000 individuals left in the wild, cheetahs are vulnerable to extinction.  Unfortunately the remaining populations will continue to decline unless something is done. Realising this, the Kenya Wildlife Trust (KWT) set up the Mara Cheetah Project in order to determine the threats that cheetahs face in the Greater Mara Ecosystem and to develop sustainable solutions to mitigate them. To achieve this, theMara Cheetah Project is using a research-driven conservation approach through a combination of long-term population monitoring, ecological research and community-based conservation.

The Safari Collection guides play an active and central role in cheetah monitoring.  The Mara Cheetah Project has provided guides with Panasonic Lumix cameras with GPS functionality for them to take on their game-drives.  When the guide sees a cheetah and takes a photo, the photograph is automatically georeferenced, which means that, we not only know which cheetah was sighted but also where and when it was seen. These georeferenced photos help us to determine the number and spatial distribution of cheetahs in the Mara. The Mara Cheetah Project has also conducted training workshops aimed to provide the Safari Collection guides with the skills to age and identify cheetahs and to provide information relating to cheetah ecology. As this project becomes more established and the team are able to work out what community interventions will help best to protect the cheetah, the project will expand in much the same way as Ewaso Lions has in Samburu to include conservation and education outreach programs.


A donation can go a long way in helping conserve cheetahs in the Mara:

  • $200 can buy a smart-phone for data collection by safari guides.
  • $300 can purchase a camera that can be used by safari guides to help with cheetah monitoring.
  • $500 can help us purchase and produce educational material on cheetah conservation for communities.
  • $1000 covers the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance for 3 months.

“Tourism is responsible for 25% of the GDP in Kenya and the communities that live adjacent to The Safari Collection properties are almost entirely dependent on tourism for their income. Most visitors to Kenya come to see the big cats. The Safari Collection realise the significance of this, and are specifically focusing our conservation efforts on the big cats of Kenya, working to ensure the longevity of the tourism industry. Which in turn directly impacting the sustainability of the local communities which whom we work.”

~ The Safari Collection


We invite our customers, suppliers and contractors to participate in our efforts to protect the environment and local communities, working with others in the tourism industry, in public agencies and the community to achieve wider sustainable management goals. To find out more visit our sustainability pages.






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