We believe that education is the key to eradicating poverty and hunger, and a vital part of successful conservation. At the Safari Collection we aim to educate and empower the communities around us through interactive wildlife excursions, scholarships, sport, theatre and healthcare to communicate a variety of important messages to people who need information and in areas that need their protection.

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Information is the premise of progress in every society, in every family.” Kofi Annan

Girls who are educated are likely to marry later, and have smaller and healthier families.

An extra year of schooling increases an individual’s earning potential by 10%.

An extra year of female schooling reduces fertility rates by 10%.


A daily school meal provides a strong incentive to send children to school and keep them there and allows the children to focus on their studies, rather than their stomachs. Providing school meals has many benefits. The availability of food in some areas is very poor and the incidences of malnutrition and associated illness are high. When families are struggling to feed their children school attendance numbers drop, as the children do not have the energy to walk long distances just to go to school, while parents are more focused on survival. The Safari Collection School Food Program was started in 2008 to attempt to address this situation. The numbers of children participating in the program have trebled from 75 in the first year to over 200. The parent and community elders are very supportive of this project, as it provides school children with the nourishment and helps them to realise their educational and developmental potential. $20 will feed one child a supplementary meal for every day of the school year.


Primary education is free to all children in Kenya, however secondary education is not. Children in Kenya who wish to continue their education after primary school have to move away and attend boarding school, and many of the families in our communities cannot afford to pay for this. The Safari Collection has recently formed a relationship with Daraja Academy in Laikipia, who will provide two places to girls from Westgate Conservancy as long as they can meet the entry requirements. We have also facilitated scholarships to two talented female students from Sasaab to attend secondary school.


The Karen C primary school was started in 1958. The school enrolment has increased from the initial 250 children in the 1970s to 800 in 1980s and since the introduction of free primary education, the enrolment in 2013 reached 1300 children (664 girls and 636 boys). Despite the large increase in pupils, the facilities have remained the same. The school has a five-year strategic plan but have not been able to implement it due to a lack of funding. In 2013 Giraffe Manor partnered with The Youth Building Green Program (YBGP) to develop a nutritional kitchen garden. YBGP is a registered Non Government Organization, which contributes to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, through the promotion of conservation and environmental management activities. The school are now using the garden to help supplement the school meals.


Education is important for everyone. Investing in girls’ education is one of the most effective ways of reducing poverty. Educated women can recognize the importance of health care and know how to seek it for themselves and their children. Team Talk is an innovative project intended to encourage empowerment of girls and considerably improve health and sexual education using sport as a medium to achieve this. The Safari Collection has partnered with EGHO  and The Tag Rugby Trust for the last 4 years to bring this project to the communities around Sasaab, Solio Lodge and Sala’s Camp. The use of sport, in this instance TAG Rugby encourages interaction between boys and girls, builds confidence and helps them to be more receptive to the discussions and workshops that comprise the educational element of Team Talk.


During quiet times our guides visit the schools in our local communities to give talks about conservation and encourage students to form positive attitudes towards wildlife and the environment. We hold competitions in the schools with game drives as prizes for the students as often those living in close proximity to wildlife have very little access to view it themselves.


The Safari Collection has recently facilitated the complete refurbishment of the Honi Primary School and the partial refurbishment of Leburra Primary School outside Solio Lodge thanks to Mr Charles Wickham and the Dalton family respectively. These schools were formerly in a terrible condition with students exposed to wind, rain and cold in their classrooms resulting in poor exam performance and high drop out rates. The hugely improved schools are not just excellent academic centres but have become the focus of community life in their local areas, holding meetings and sports events. Members of the communities has been able to see the link between wildlife conservation and improving their own lives.


This year the Safari Collection has partnered with a charity called S.A.F.E Kenya to initiate a new project in Samburu: S.A.F.E. Samburu. The project engages youth leaders from within the community to put on music and theatre productions at local meetings, in market places and in villages to address and raise awareness of issues such as FGM, HIV and women’s education, gender-based violence. The project is in its early stages but we hope that it will be an important vehicle to educate and inspire the Samburu Community.


We invite our customers, suppliers and contractors to participate in our efforts to protect the environment and local communities, working with others in the tourism industry, in public agencies and the community to achieve wider sustainable management goals. To find out more visit our sustainability pages.






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