As millions of people gather to give thanks this Thanksgiving, we at The Safari Collection wanted to extend our own heartfelt gratitude to our ‘DREAM TEAM’ for GIVING us their commitment and hard work. Without them we wouldn’t be able to offer YOU some of the GREATEST LIFE EXPERIENCES in the world.

AND THANKS to YOU for GIVING us your support. Your support GIVES us the ability to do many amazing things like supporting vital conservation and community initiatives.

This week we are hosting a dental clinic at Sala’s Camp giving medical care to thousands of people in our local communities on the edge of the Masai Mara. Projects like this helps the communities to see the benefits of tourism and become partners in our efforts to conserve Kenya’s incredible wildlife for future generations.

For the 4th year running the Safari Collection has partnered with SmileStar, a UK based charity, to provide free dental treatment to the communities around our properties in Kenya. This year a team of 10 fantastic doctors and dentists have come out from the UK to volunteer their services for the people living close to Solio Lodge and Sala’s Camp. Week one at Solio was incredibly busy and we saw an average of 130 patients and extracted over 200 teeth each day. That means each dentist saw a patient every 15 minutes and removed a tooth every six minutes over the course of each day!

In the Masai Mara where there is a smaller population we have still managed to see an average of 70 patients each day by visiting the vibrant market days at each of the main villages. News of the clinic has spread far and wide and we’ve even had patients crossing the border from Tanzania to see our team. We have partnered with the Mara Cheetah Project to provide conservation education alongside the medical treatments and most of our patients have watched a 20-minute movie in the Maa language about the importance of conservation to the economy of the Masai Mara ecosystem.

Today, the day of Thanksgiving we are heading to the village of Aitong, one hour away from the edge of the Masai Mara reserve to a cattle market to meet our patients. By just visiting The Safari Collection properties our guests have already directly contributed to the conservation of our precious wildlife and the health and education of the communities in these locations. Our Menu of Giving highlights how guests have contributed and how it is possible to contribute further. For more information on our projects please email [email protected]

On behalf on The Safari Collection we wish you a happy Thanksgiving. THANK YOU. Thank you team, thank you guests. Thank you for GIVING.