2017 has begun and tummies are full, thirsty mouths have been quenched and we are all ready to get back to a normal routine after a jolly festive season (which doesn’t involve eating a Terry’s Chocolate Orange for breakfast). New Year resolutions are being set and whilst you ponder your own, perhaps travel should be at the top of your list this year.

January begins with a fresh start and is a great time to think about what is in store for 2017. Vacations are a must for many and seeking out the prefect annual escape can be an exciting yet often daunting prospect.

For those wishing to go on safari, Kenya and The Safari Collection properties are hot 2017 destinations. A few weeks ago The Telegraph listed ‘18 reasons to visit Kenya right now’ and our very own Giraffe Manor made the list. The annual wildebeest migration (which Sala’s Camp is always the first property to witness) and seeing the big five (possible when doing a combination of all TSC properties) are also some of the highlights. One item on The Telegraph’s list stands apart: ‘Tourism protects Kenya’s people and wildlife’. Sustainability and conservation are increasingly important to the modern traveller. Kenya has been at the forefront of the conservation world of late with the iconic Ivory burn having taken place in April of last year and with the recent release of The Ivory Game – a Netflix film released in November about the illegal ivory trade in Africa.

If you choose to travel to Kenya with The Safari Collection we can show you the magnificent ‘big five’, the great wildebeest migration, the vibrant people and much more but always in a sustainable way that contributes to communities and wildlife conservation efforts.

In October 2016, The Safari Collection (as part of Classic Portfolio) was involved in the travel industry’s first-ever Sustainable Mega Familiarisation trip. We hosted eight leading travel experts from around the globe at all TSC properties. The trip was stitched together to allow the travel experts to become intimately acquainted with the pillars of sustainable tourism in Africa; conservation of natural resources and wildlife, involvement and development of local communities, and commercial sustainability of authentic experiences.

We would like to share our Sustainable Mega Familiarisation trip video in which the travel designers describe what makes The Safari Collection portfolio stand out from the crowd both experientially and sustainably, and why staying at all four of our properties offers the most epic safari of a lifetime.

This year we are offering incredible discounts on itineraries that combine TSC properties. If you stay for more than four nights at either SasaabSala’s Camp or Solio Lodge it is possible to get up to 25% off your accommodation and if you stay for 10 nights you can get up to 40% off your accommodation. To find out more about our 2017 special offers and start planning your safari please email [email protected].