In northern Kenya, the Samburu tribespeople are also known as the ‘Butterfly People’, not only because of their vibrant traditional dress, but because of the freedom with which they enjoy a simple life that is intrinsically connected to the earth. Their serene existence amidst the raw and rugged wilderness of the northern desert, provides the inspiration for Sasaab’s Wilderness Wellness Retreat.

The ‘butterfly people’ dancing in the river bed at Sasaab

As the summer comes to an end and you prepare to return to your cocoon for the coming autumn & winter ahead, The Safari Collection invites you to emerge anew with a healing holiday designed to guide you through your own metamorphosis and reveal your inner butterfly person!

In partnership with one of Kenya’s top professional personal trainers & Pilates instructors, Karina Walsh, and nutritional therapist & therapeutic chef, Heather Cuthbert, The Safari Collection is pleased to offer a healthy holistic, four-day Wilderness Wellness Retreat at beautiful Sasaab on the boundary of Samburu National Reserve.

Morning Pilates session in the dry Ewaso Nyiro riverbed

This unique, invigorating retreat will offer days spent strengthening the body with Karina as she leads Pilates classes in the dry riverbed, runs & walks with Samburu warriors through the wilderness, and stretches & strength training in the swimming pool. Invigorating hikes up the magnificent Sundowner Rock will be rewarded with breath taking sunsets accompanied by Heather’s delicious, detoxifying elixirs. All this, punctuated with the opportunity to enjoy wildlife sightings, make this a truly exceptional safari for the soul.

Stretching on Sundowner Rock with breathtaking views

Whilst Karina strengthens your body, Heather will nourish it. Her custom designed cuisine is all organic, gluten-free and full of goodness. Not only will you enjoy her flavourful fresh food throughout your stay, but you will also be able to learn a trick or two about mindful nutrition as Heather hosts a cooking class & demonstration.

Delicious cauliflower bagels with smoked salmon

After a bit of fitness and food, you are welcome to relax and unwind in Sasaab’s secret zen zone, SpaSaab, where you’ll enjoy a complimentary massage from our in-house therapist whose healing hands will help soothe your body. You may also wish to partake of some of the many other treatments from SpaSaab or opt to wash away the day with a refreshing soak in your own private plunge pool.

Our in-house therapist whose healing hands will help you rest & relax

Our Wilderness Wellness Retreat combines an African wildlife safari with time spent disconnecting from devices and reconnecting with nature by watching the wonderful wildlife that inhabits the area. A game drive through the Samburu National Reserve is likely to reward you with sightings of species unique to the region including Grevy’s zebra, oryx antelope, Somali ostrich, gerenuk and reticulated giraffe. With a little luck, leopard, cheetah and lions may make an appearance too, and be sure to keep a watchful eye out for elephants who often visit the river in front of lodge.

Enjoying a Pilates session by the pool in the company of elephants

Like the butterfly that emerges from its chrysalis rejuvenated after an extraordinary transformation, we invite you to experience your own transformation and become renewed & revitalized by our Wilderness Wellness Retreat. We are offering a set departure in January 2018 and can also arrange exclusive retreats upon request (for a minimum of four people for four nights). Please email info@thesafaricollection.com with ‘Wilderness Wellness Retreat’ as the subject to find out more & to book your feel-good safari.