This year we celebrate the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Throughout 2017 The Safari Collection has been busy trying to fulfil this mission at every possible opportunity.

We support conservation and community development through a variety of carefully chosen projects. These projects aim to directly conserve wildlife whilst also meeting the important needs of surrounding communities. Our company ethos is to offer exceptional tourism experiences whilst having a sustainable impact on the environment, local communities and the incredible wildlife that inhabits our area.

‘Sustainable Tourism is a Tool for Development’ ~ Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General, World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)

World Tourism Day 2017 presents an opportunity to raise awareness on the contribution of sustainable tourism to development and for us to share our efforts to drive and achieve positive change in Kenya. So far this year we have served over 110,000 school meals to children with an appetite for education.

We have organised the financial sponsorship of 15 children to be able to attend secondary school and continue their education.

“My respect for the balance between conserving our wildlife and building a future for Kenya is what drives me,” says Mikey Carr-Hartley, owner of The Safari Collection. “We are not a business with an unlimited cash flow. Our need to be sustainable is on many levels and sustainability does not just mean not using plastic bottles. It means protecting our business to ensure it’s sustainable so that we can continue to provide jobs, support local communities and of course conserve our wildlife. It is very hard work. But when you do get it right and you’ve not only managed to make it through a year of providing salaries for nearly 200 people, but you’ve also given nearly quarter of a million US dollars back into communities, conservation, and other sustainability initiatives, AND you’ve had lots of happy guests, you realise this can work. We can do this. It is incredibly inspiring”.

‘We built a school dining room and kitchen, refurbished an orphanage, helped return sight to 50 patients and have treated over 1000 people with eye ailments for free’

We have supplied the Mara Rhino Rangers with the equipment they need for vital anti poaching work. Our company conservation car has driven over 10,000 miles protecting and collecting useful information on the big cats in the Masai Mara Safari Reserve.

In the words of Carr-Hartley travel is essential, ‘it is a responsibility to experience the world, to appreciate its diversity and to contribute to the sustainability of its wildlife and its people’.

Be an ambassador for a better future. If you plan to travel to Kenya, choose to travel responsibly to help build a better future for its people, its wildlife, and for our precious planet.

If you’d like to find out more about The Safari Collection’s sustainability programmes or book a sustainable safari please email us using