Memanyai meleeno.
Don’t just move from one place to another without seeing.
~ Samburu proverb

The new 4C Centre at Sasaab

We’re so excited to share details about our fabulous new Samburu cultural hub at Sasaab: the 4C Centre. Like the Samburu wisdom in the proverb above, we want to give our guests an opportunity to slow down, take notice and go deeper in their understanding of the incredible place they have arrived at.

What is the 4C Centre?

Discover the Samburu culture

The 4C Centre is a celebration of what Sasaab is and why we created it in this incredible location. Through two interactive exhibition rooms with stunning imagery, artefacts and information, it tells the story of the northern Kenyan landscape, geology and unique culture of this region.

Guests can visit at any time to learn more about the Samburu region as well as our Footprint foundation projects and the amazing work of our conservation partners in Westgate Community Conservancy. Our guides love to visit with guests as a way of complimenting their wildlife and cultural activities, linking the experiences together to tell a deeper geological story.

It feels even more special to be in a place when you appreciate and understand the context of where you are.

What does the name ‘4C Centre’ mean?

The ‘4Cs’ stand for ConservationCommunityCommerce and Culture and are the sustainability framework used by The Long Run. These four key pillars must be woven together in a careful balance to protect wilderness in perpetuity (our ultimate goal). For example, our mutually beneficial partnership with the Samburu community is helping protect biodiversity. When tourism revenue brings tangible benefits, people become invested in protecting the wildlife and conservation becomes easier. Commerce plays a key role, as a sustainable flow of bed nights enables us to fund impactful projects. Alongside this is an overarching aim to safeguard the fragile culture of the Samburu people.

Exploring the 4C Centre at Sasaab

After a journey of many years, Sasaab has achieved a holistic balance of the 4Cs. Biodiversity conservation, community well-being, the promotion of cultural diversity, and the carrying out of enterprise all complement each other in a way that is mindful of our planet. As such, Sasaab has achieved Global Ecosphere Retreat® (GER®) status, one of the highest sustainability standards in the world as recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. As part of our GER® journey, our new cultural hub is a celebration of the 4Cs of Sasaab as well as the Samburu.

Informative exhibition rooms at the 4C Centre

Why was the 4C Centre built?

It feels even more special to be in a place when you appreciate and understand the context of where you are. That’s why we built the 4C Centre. Sasaab is so much more than your average safari destination. Yes, the wildlife experience is awesome, but so is the story of Sasaab, its people and its geographic environment. It’s enlightening and enriching and we simply can’t let guests come and go without the opportunity for a deeper immersion. We also wanted a platform from which to promote Westgate Community Conservancy, the work of our conservation partners and share facts about the local geology.

The 4C Centre is the first of its kind in the northern corridor and has become a hub for guests gaining a deeper experience of Samburu culture and the formation of the Great Rift Valley. For the younger generation, it’s an opportunity to learn about their great grandparent’s culture such as the age set system.
~ Wanjohi, Project Manager.

What experience does the 4C Centre offer to guests?

It offers an immersive learning journey where visitors can move through a beautifully curated mini museum with artefacts, geological facets, maps and digital displays. Discover more about the local geology and people, the story of The Rift Valley and the wilderness of northern Kenya.

The cultural aspect of the centre will grow over time as we curate more artifacts and continue to add to the Samburu story we are telling.

Exploring northern Kenya’s ancient rock art by helicopter from Sasaab

Learn about the unique geology of the Samburu region

Sasaab is the perfect gateway to Kenya’s vast northern wilderness. For anyone interested in one of our bespoke private helicopter adventures, the centre offers the chance to discover some of the diverse landscapes and geological formations lying right on Sasaab’s doorstep.

Fly to ancient rock art sites or land atop of one of the distant mountains visible from the tents. Ignite your curiosity and tailor make your heli trip.

The 4C Centre also houses a lap pool, a new outdoor gym, two spa treatment rooms and a boutique gift shop. It makes a lovely post-lunch activity to pop in and investigate the centre a relaxing massage, invigorating workout or swimming a few lengths.

Outdoor gym and lap pool at the 4C Centre

Does the 4C Centre benefit the community? 

During the opening, some of the first visitors to the centre were regional leaders from the local Samburu community and their sense of pride was clear. They felt incredibly excited that their rich heritage, culture and traditions were being celebrated, shared and preserved.

Sasaab team members outside the new spa room

In practical terms, the centre serves as a meeting space for community members, lodge members and our Footprint foundation team to come together, helping the partnership between local community and sustainable tourism be a successful one. Moreover, the new spa and gym area has enabled the old one to be upcycled into a brand-new family suite in the main lodge, increasing bed nights (each of which contributes financially to Westgate Community Conservancy).

Members of the community were directly involved in designing the centre and felt amazed and excited by the result.

Why is the 4C Centre so unique?

This dedicated space for learning about northern Kenya, the Samburu culture and the partnership between local community and sustainable tourism provides a special opportunity for visitors to this region. Many members of the Westgate community were directly involved in designing the centre and felt amazed and excited by the end result.

Community members visiting the 4C Centre

Because Sasaab is not your average game-drive destination, it was important for us to share with guests the wonderous nature of this region, as well as the concept of the 4Cs which shapes so much of the Sasaab experience. Some visitors to the centre have already commented that after gaining an understanding of how conservation, community, culture and commerce all interlink here to shape a more sustainable and holistic existence, they want to embrace a similar approach in their lives back home.

The 4C Centre is a tranquil, inviting and enlightening space to visit

Where is the 4C Centre?

This brand-new, purpose-built building sits in a beautiful spot right beside the main lodge. It shares the same stunning views as Sasaab’s main area, looking out over the Ewaso Nyiro River and Westgate Community Conservancy towards Mount Kenya beyond. At its entrance, we planted a beautiful cycad garden in celebration of the ancient giant cycads endemic to the mountains of northern Kenya. They are one of the oldest and rarest plants on the planet. We can’t wait for you to visit!

Kore ememeshula enkikwei meshula enkigwana.
When you don’t live in unity even your ideas will be different.
~ Samburu proverb

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