Through Our Footprint we support a diverse range of conservation, health and education projects across Kenya which benefit the wildlife, wilderness and local communities.

 We firmly believe that we should tread delicately on our planet, leaving behind footprints made only by sandy toes. Our aim is to not only share the incredible natural wonders of East Africa, but to be passionate protectors of it. We also take the responsibility to reduce our resources use and environmental pollution very seriously. By uniting sustainable tourism, conservation and community, we can achieve an ecological balance and live in harmony with our environment, protecting it for our children’s children. This is why we have created a dedicated foundation to protect our environment and impact positively on the communities we work alongside. We call it Our Footprint.


From victims of poaching to predators under threat from human-wildlife conflict, we help protect a diverse range of vulnerable animals and their habitats that need our help to survive.



We champion a wide range of community outreach initiatives covering health care, clean water provision, female empowerment and education, to improve the lives of people we work alongside.