Our giraffes are excited to greet you and we bet you’re buzzing to meet them.

Before your stay, we’d like to remind you that the giraffes at the Manor are wild animals and can be unpredictable.
To help you and every other guest get the most out of the awesome giraffe experience, please follow our TEN DO’S AND DON’TS.

1. Dress to Impress

DO reserve bathrobes, pyjamas and undergarments for the bedroom. Kenya is a conservative country and we encourage our guests to respect this. DO wear shoes outside your room, you’re not on the beach (yet!) and there may be thorns about.

2. Keep it Calm

DO avoid loud noises or sudden movements as these make the giraffes uneasy. DON’T overcrowd them – personal space matters to our tower of twigas. Please no drones, the giraffes don’t like them and we strive to maintain a haven of tranquillity.

3. Ask First

DO always wait for a team member to show you what to do. DON’T stand to the side of the giraffes as this makes some of our long-legged individuals uneasy – please feed them front-on. DON’T  stroke or pet them without being given the go ahead from our team.

4. Prop Perfect

DO ask before pulling out props when snapping that selfie. We appreciate that the photo opportunities are exciting, but items such as balloons, ribbons or scary looking lighting and sound equipment is likely to alarm the giraffes and cause them distress.

5. Guzzling Giraffes

DO only feed one treat at a time and stick to the menu, do not feed anything other than the nutritious natural pellets we provide. Much to the giraffes’ disappointment DON’T feed them from the bowl– we want to keep them fit and healthy.

6. Get it Right ©

DO use photos and videos for personal use ONLY unless written permission has been given by The Safari Collection marketing team. Always seek consent from other guests who might make an unwilling appearance in any of your content.

7. Sharing is Caring

DO allow all guests to interact with the giraffes and DON’T monopolise time with them. The teatime seating is for everyone to enjoy and share. Tables for mealtimes will be assigned to your party by our team and cannot be reserved – so no need to sprint to breakfast!

8. Keep it Clean

DO wash hands before and after giraffe feeding. It’s only fair that we don’t contaminate these wild creatures with all our worldly germs. Similarly, DON’T smoke or vape around the giraffes, they don’t approve.

9. Piggy Pumbas

Our resident warthogs are clever little fellows and often try to steal our giraffe pellets. DO resist the temptation to feed them – we try to encourage our greedy friends to behave and not to charge around at teatime looking for treats.

10. Stay Close

DON’T wonder the grounds without a member of our team – we’re located in an unfenced wildlife sanctuary and although our resident warthog and giraffe families look sweet, they can sometimes get grumpy when you’re in their territory.

Did you know that wild giraffes are in rapid decline across much of Africa? They are suffering a silent extinction and need our protection. Join us in standing tall for this threatened species with our #BehindTheSelfie social media campaign. Snap the perfect selfie and share some facts to help raise awareness for this iconic African mammal.

PLEASE NOTE: Giraffe Manor management has the right to ask a guest to leave the property at any time if the above etiquette is not being observed or for any other reason they deem necessary.


Find out about our footprint and sustainability projects at Giraffe Manor and how you can sponsor one of our endangered Rothschild’s giraffes.