The original manor was built in 1932 and has six rooms: Betty, Daisy, Jock, Lynn, Marlon and the Karen Blixen Suite. The latter three rooms were renovated in May 2019. In 2011, the current owners, Mikey and Tanya Carr-Hartley, built the Garden Manor which is a replica of the original manor and also has six rooms: Salma, Edd, Arlene, Helen, Kelly and the Finch Hatton Suite. Although the two buildings were built 78 years apart, you would never know the difference as much of the Garden Manor was built out of reclaimed materials from houses of a similar era to the original manor. The giraffe experience offered to guests is the same regardless of which section of the house they are staying and our resident giraffes regularly enjoy visiting both buildings in search of treats.

Currently, the Garden Manor provides accommodation exclusively for guests of The Safari Collection’s portfolio of properties, so that the main house can be kept as open and accessible as possible to all. If the open part of the manor is fully booked for the dates you’ve requested, you might like to consider a room in the section reserved for guests doing our circuit. We would love the opportunity to chat about your trip to Kenya and welcome you into our Safari Collection family. Don’t worry if you’ve already planned the rest of your trip – we’d be delighted to add you to the wait list for a room in the open part of the manor. If you’re planning your holiday last minute, then it does allow us a little more flexibility. Four weeks prior to travel, rooms in all sections of the manor can be booked without combining travel to our other properties. This is subject to availability, and more unlikely to be successful during peak seasons.