Though we appreciate that our guests would like to have the best possible images of their Giraffe Manor experience, we are required to maintain manageable numbers of guests on site. If we were to allow everyone staying with us to also bring a photographer, the experience would become overcrowded with a gaggle of ‘paparazzi’ jostling for position, making the whole experience less safe and less pleasant for all. Additionally, most photographers do not know the individual giraffes like we do which can be hazardous, since one needs to be able to read subtle behaviours that can indicate an imminent problem. Our staff, though not professional photographers per se, are accustomed to helping guests get great shots with their own equipment. For guests who absolutely require a professional photographer, we kindly request that a room is also booked for the photographer and that he/she is accredited by Giraffe Manor and The Safari Collection. Kindly ask your reservations/travel agent for additional information. We thank our guests in advance for adhering to the photography rules of etiquette outlined in the room folders.