The tables for breakfast are pre-assigned by the Giraffe Manor team according to multiple variables that need to be considered and, most importantly, to ensure there is acceptable traffic flow for waiters and guests as well as ease of access to emergency exits. Tables need to be carefully assigned according to group size and to safeguard guests from the long, powerful necks of the giraffes who will be joining in on all the fun. Whilst it is not possible for guests to reserve specific tables for breakfast, we can assure you that everyone will have the opportunity to feed the giraffes during the breakfast service and we always do our best to make sure all guests get the photographs they want. Our breakfast dining rooms are small and the giraffes come in far enough for everyone to have meaningful interactions. In general, guests who stay in the Main Manor will have breakfast in the Main Manor sunroom and guests who stay in the Garden Manor will have breakfast in the Garden Manor dining room.