‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’ ~ African proverb

Nothing rings truer for us than this ancient African proverb. With the help of our many generous donors and guests from across the world, as well as our partners here in Kenya, last year, we achieved GREAT things through our community and conservation programmes. THANK YOU. None of it would have been possible without your support.

The Safari Collection’s Sustainability Infographic.

In total, a fantastic US$ 1,106,289 was disbursed in 2018 towards all our community and conservation initiatives. From digging community boreholes to pulling out bad teeth and building school ovens. The funds we received have gone far and wide to improve the communities we partner with and conserve the endangered species living in our protected areas.

In 2018 we partnered with Nairobi based charity Dignitas, to provide teacher training at two schools near Solio Lodge.

In addition to our continuing support for all the great projects we backed in 2017, last year saw the growth of several new initiatives in education, health and wildlife conservation.

Through our Conservation Scholars Programme, we have enrolled 24 talented students into quality high schools throughout Kenya.


From May 2018, we partnered with Nairobi based charity Dignitas, to provide teacher training at two schools near Solio Lodge. Twelve teachers were selected and received individual coaching, professional development and over 34 hours of leadership training. Both schools have experienced fantastic results and enhanced student learning.

Education remains a key focus for us. It is vital for empowering communities and reducing poverty, which is crucial for successful conservation.

Our conservation scholars programme expanded enormously throughout 2018, with 24 talented students now enrolled in quality high schools throughout Kenya.

Mary, one of the Conservation Scholars from Sasaab village.


Last year, we partnered with The Samburu Project for the first time to bring safe drinking water to communities surrounding Sasaab. With the help of our guests, we raised $34,000 towards the drilling of two new community boreholes in Westgate Conservancy, providing freshwater to over 5,000 people.

2018 was also the year we held our first dental clinic in the Mara (previous clinics have been held near Solio and Sasaab). Visiting four communities living on the edge of the Masai Mara National Reserve, our team worked alongside volunteers from SmileStar UK to give free treatment to over 1,500 patients. For many, this brought an end to months of suffering as access to dentists in remote rural communities is non-existent.

Similarly, our 2018 Solio eye clinic held in conjunction with UK charity MEAK, provided life-changing treatment to hundreds of patients. Two hundred people received sight-restoring surgery, bringing family, friends and independence back into their lives.

Improving health facilitates positive change and development.

Wildlife conservation

The past year has seen The Safari Collection STAND TALL for giraffes more than ever before. Partnering with the Kenya Wildlife Service, we donated US$ 2,000 towards the launch of a national giraffe conservation strategy to help stop the silent extinction of this beautiful African mammal. We also saw our new Giraffe Sponsorship Programme take off. We now have more than 300 new Rothschild’s foster parents and over US$ 25,000 raised to date for The Giraffe Conservation Foundation and our own Community and Conservation programmes across Kenya.

We have raised over US$ 25,000 towards conservation through our Giraffe Sponsorship Programme.

THANK YOU to all our guests, donors and partners who have helped improve the future of Kenya’s environment and its people. Together we can strive to achieve ecological harmony and well-being for all.