It seems as though everyone and their sister wants to be in Kenya at the moment… 

Herds of wildebeest are spilling onto our plains from Tanzania and storming through the Sand River beside Sala’s Camp. The awesome location of Sala’s Camp allows us to be at the forefront of the action and our guests have been enjoying lunch with wildebeest peppered on the plains.

This week brand new quad bikes have arrived at Sasaab Lodge and we are all excited to jump onto the back and zoom around the dusty Samburu bush!

Giraffe Manor is full to the brim and buzzing with eager, enthusiastic guests who can’t wait to give our hungry giraffe a kiss.

President Barack Obama has arrived in Kenya today, and oh boy has there been a buzz! We are all so excited to welcome the American President to our beautiful country. Although it’s a shame Mr Obama couldn’t fit afternoon tea into his very busy schedule, we did have Jesse Spencer (Billy from neighbours) drop by recently – yes we are shamelessly name-dropping!

Jesse S

Although we are famous for giraffe kisses we offer lots of other cool activities at our properties.

Check out our Activities video below…

… where you will meet Tony to learn about our hip Kenyan capital. Head to the Mara where camp manager Mark will show you why we stand out from the crowd. On to Solio where you can ride, bike, walk and fish in luscious Laikipia. Lastly off to Sasaab where Gabriel will tell you tales of the Samburu warriors as the sunsets in our vast African wilderness.

Watch this space for our next episode coming soon!