We know we might be a tiny bit biased, but you can’t beat a safari through the African savannah for the ideal vacation experience in the new world of travel we find ourselves in. Here are our top reasons why a safari should be at the top of your list for 2021 travel:

1. Reconnect with nature

Never before have we felt such appreciation for our freedom to explore the great outdoors. Wild open spaces, the wind in our hair and the wonder of our planet’s extraordinary creatures. Wildlife and wilderness are the tonic our bodies and minds are craving right now.

Lioness at dusk on a Masai Mara safari ©Will Burrad-Lucas

‘People need fresh air. They can do without buildings. They can do without concrete. But they cannot do without fresh air’ ~ Wangari Maathai

2. Naturally socially distanced

Exclusivity is the name of game on an African adventure. Intimate Kenya safari lodges, private dining and being out in the middle of nowhere lie at the core of the experience. By its very nature, a safari is a socially distanced vacation. Private airport transfers, privately chartered flights, personal safari guides and secluded al fresco dining under the stars mean that for travellers wishing to avoid contact with others, it’s ideal.

Enjoy your meals outside, under a canopy of stars.

Join Robin Moore on a photographic safari.

3. Meaningful travel

Travel that makes a difference is what The Safari Collection do. Our Footprint ensures we have a positive impact on people, planet and wildlife. But our journeys are also enriching adventures for those who embark on them. From honing your wildlife photography or hunting for ancient fossils to immersing yourself in nature and totally switching off from digital lives, a safari is the type of holiday that stays with you long after you’ve returned home and unpacked your suitcases.

‘To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote, To travel is to live’ ~ Hans Christian Andersen

4. Support vital wildlife conservation

Tourism revenue funds the protection of vulnerable species continent-wide. Without tourists, big wilderness areas would struggle to exist, not to mention the thousands of livelihoods that the industry supports. With an absence of conservation fees and lack of visitors, poaching and instances of human-wildlife conflict increase. Now, more than ever, Africa’s wild animals and spaces need you.

Every guest staying at Solio is making a vital contribution to the continuing success of Solio Rhino Sanctuary. ©Will Burrad-Lucas

5. Space to breathe

Wild open spaces, fresh air and the peaceful serenity of Mother Nature. Soothing spa treatments, nutritious food homegrown in our kitchen gardens and space in which to slow down, breathe and restore our balance.

Getting ready for a spa treatment at Sasaab.

‘Nature itself is the best physician’ ~ Hippocrates

6. Kenya has it all

Snow-capped glaciers, hidden coral reefs and extraordinary biodiversity. Kenya has an unbelievable array of bucket-list locations and experiences to offer all in one country, from tropical white-sand tranquillity to adrenalin-filled game drives. With over 54 National Parks and reserves, wildlife density is high and opportunities for adventure abound. From world-class sightings of rare and endangered species to other-worldly landscapes, Kenya never disappoints.

Moorlands of the Aberdare’s National Park. © Scott Ramsay

7. Keeping it simple with The Safari Collection

The Safari Collection own four stunning properties, each one unique and showcasing a different pocket of Kenya’s diverse and spectacular wilderness. For anyone seeking exclusivity and exclusion whilst reconnecting to nature, we offer total peace of mind every step of the way. From arranging private transfers to booking a COVID test post-safari if needed, we are experts at taking care of every little detail so you can explore with ease and travel stress-free.