Did you know, ‘twiga’ is the Swahili word for a giraffe?

Have you ever been on a date with a giraffe? Well, take it from us, it makes for a uniquely memorable and unbeatable date if you ever get the chance. Although, as with all first dates, it can be somewhat daunting knowing what to wear, how to behave and what to say. As it happens, here at Giraffe Manor we’re quite experienced in the field of dating the world’s tallest mammal, so we’ve come up with a few fail-safe tips to leave both parties wanting more.

Dress to impress

Let’s get started. First impressions matter. After all, the giraffes work hard to keep their bodies streamlined, their lashes luscious and their coats gleaming. They are rather a demanding bunch and expect nothing less from you. Our advice: don’t reveal too much! Bathrobes, pjs and slinky undergarments create the wrong impression, so leave these behind in the bedroom. Footwear is a must – stepping on a thorn will embarrass you both and ruin the whole experience. Clean hands and fresh breath are also essential.

In case you were wondering, giraffes don’t smoke (or vape), so this is a no no unless you’re in our designated smoking area.

One pellet at a time

Delicacies on the lawn

Once first impressions are out of the way, it’s time to get excited about what’s on the menu. We’ll take care of your cuisine – a selection of our homemade teatime delicacies on the lawn. But it’s down to you to deliver tasty treats to your long-necked date. Nothing less than the finest pure green lucerne (alfalfa) pellets grown on the shores of Lake Naivasha in Kenya.

One hundred percent natural, our giraffe snacks are nutritious and keep our leggy blondes fit and healthy alongside their wild diet of acacia leaves which they browse for in the sanctuary.

Help our giraffes avoid getting carried away and making a fool of themselves by only feeding one pellet at a time; please resist the temptation to feed them handfuls of treats or let them dive straight into the bowl!

A ‘giraffe kiss’

Should you kiss on the first date? Well, that depends. Some of our giraffes are up for it, and others not so much. That’s why it’s important to always wait for guidance from our team. They know each giraffe personality inside out. For some, touching of any kind is out, so don’t try to ‘pet’ your date (they are wild animals and certainly not pets!) Some of our friendly characters will, however, offer a ‘giraffe kiss’ by skilfully pinching a pellet from between your lips. We recommend selecting a longer pellet for the best results, although several giraffes have impressive coordination and dexterity when it comes to plucking pellets from pouting visitors. Be warned, giraffes are slobbery kissers!

Giraffe saliva is antiseptic to protect their tongues from spiky acacia thorns.

Kiss me more

Naturally, you’ll be eager to capture your epic first date on camera. The photo opportunities are second to none and will send your loved ones back home green with envy. Lenses do, however, come with a few rules. Consent is key. Consent from us if you’re going to be using the material for anything other than personal use; consent from other guests if they make an unknowing debut in your footage; and consent from the giraffes if you’re going to pimp you photo with props or do anything that might alarm them.

Think ‘cool, calm and collected’ – no sudden movements or loud noises.

Giraffes don’t like surprises (and neither do we!) so remember to ask before pulling out accessories and equipment. For this reason, drones are out. They tend to make the giraffes uneasy as well as disturbing our serenity.

Two’s company but three’s a crowd

Lastly, bear in mind the age-old English proverb ‘two’s company but three’s a crowd’. Giraffes, like many of us, like their personal space, so try not to overcrowd them. Standing to their side just out of eyesight also makes a few of our twigas a little uneasy, so try to stand front on unless you’ve had the go ahead from a member of our team. Manners matter, so be mindful of other guests and try not to monopolise time with the giraffes. It may be a first date, but there’s always room for sharing.

Be mindful of other guests

Want to date a giraffe? Visit Giraffe Manor website to find out more about this once-in-a-lifetime experience or get in touch by emailing Did you know that wild giraffes all over Africa are in rapid decline and need our protection? Find out about our ‘Behind The Selfie’ campaign to see how you can help save this species just by posting a picture.

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