‘An experience in my life I will never forget. A feeling, an energy, a story that will stay with me forever.’
~ Dina, Sasaab guest

An adventure by helicopter unlocks access to some of the most mind-blowing places left on earth. Sasaab, our lodge in northern Kenya, lies at the cusp of Kenya’s most remote and epic landscapes. Sometimes, it is about the destination and not the journey to get there!

Incredible aerial colours at Lake Logipi © Riccardo Tosi

There’s no denying that a helicopter ride is exhilarating in itself – swooping low over crocodile-filled lakes, gliding alongside thousands of flamingos and hovering above volcanoes –  but it’s nothing compared to experiencing the places it can take you. Touch down. Get out. Explore. Smell the air where humankind was born. Swim in secret freshwater springs. Wander beneath ancient cycads.

Landing in the Suguta Valley sand dunes 

This June to September there will be a Tropic Air helicopter stationed at Sasaab, so we can offer instant access to some of the most intrepid, unique and bespoke experiences in Kenya. Each adventure is tailor-made to suit your interests and the opportunities are endless. Here’s a snapshot of just some of the experiences our heli adventures can unlock…

‘The experience was the pinnacle of our Africa visit.’
~ Jay and Lucia

Flocks of pink flamingos on Lake Bogoria © Tropic Air

Photo Gold
Otherworldly landscapes, extraordinary geographical formations and unique wildlife sightings are aplenty in northern Kenya. The sheer scale and rarity of what you witness is guaranteed to set the heart racing of anyone drawn to capturing unique sights through the lens.

‘Truly a once in a lifetime experience. Landscape that changes every ten minutes from drifting sand dunes to tropical rainforest to volcanoes, to salt flats that look like you’ve landed on the moon!’
~ Theresa and Roger

Nile crocodile in Lake Turkana © Riccardo Tosi

Fly with flamingos

Cradle of Mankind
Keen on palaeontology? It doesn’t get any better than exploring the very place where humankind began. Land at The Turkana Basin Institute on the edge of Lake Turkana and explore a region rich in fossil evidence of the earliest stages of human development. If this is your thing, then check out our Fossil Hunting Safari, a fully guided adventure that takes you on an epic journey back in time.

Fossil collection at the Turkana Basin Institute

Intrepid Adventure
Our heli journeys take travelling off the beaten path to another level. Think hiking, swimming, fishing and surfing down sand dunes in places where very few people have ever set foot before. We can even arrange overnight expeditions to remote spots with our fly camping setup for a wild, off-grid experience like no other.

The forested peaks of the Suguta Valley © Tropic Air

Ancient cultures
Unique and ancient communities inhabit pockets of Kenya’s vast and sparsely populated north. Glimpse insights into a way of life unchanged for centuries.

Pokot woman © Riccardo Tosi

Rock Art
Fly to ancient rock paintings and engravings scattered throughout northern Kenya. These sites are priceless treasures, opening a window onto vanished worlds from a time before written history existed.

Ancient giraffe rock art © Tropic Air

Open to interpretation © Tropic Air

Check out more of our Epic Heli Highlights through the eyes of our team when we sent them off on a northern Kenya adventure by heli. We captured some awesome footage on this trip which you can watch here for a taster of adventures to come.

‘In the words of one of our recent heli guests: 

‘You have one life to live, go for it!’

Eager to explore some of Kenya’s last remaining untouched wilderness areas? Get in touch to start planning your helicopter adventure now by emailing our expert: helicopter@thesafaricollection.com