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DAY 1 and 2

Close Encounters with the Nubian Giraffes

Upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you will be greeted by a member of the team who will drive you to Giraffe Manor. It is around a thirty-minute journey from the airport and skirts the edge of Nairobi National Park.

STAY AT Giraffe Manor – 2 nights

EXPERIENCE Upon arrival at Giraffe Manor you will meet the GCF team accompanying you on your adventure, Dr Julian and Stephanie Fennessy and Dr Arthur Muneza, and enjoy your first insights into the world of giraffe conservation. Throughout your trip, there will be ample opportunities to engage with the GCF team and ask all your questions about giraffes, conservation and the work they undertake in Kenya, East Africa and continent-wide.

Depending on your arrival time, you may enjoy close encounters with the charming herd of critically endangered Rothschild’s/Nubian giraffes right away over a delightful afternoon tea on the front lawn. Coming eye to eye with the world’s tallest animal is an unforgettable experience like no other. The Rothschild’s/Nubian giraffes at Giraffe Manor are part of a highly successful breeding programme run by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW) which has brought this species back from the brink of extinction. During your stay, stroll across the lawn to visit the AFEW Giraffe Centre next door, where you will be given an in-depth tour.

After a restful night, enjoy more opportunities to hand feed these gentle giants over a magical breakfast, before setting off to explore Nairobi National Park  accompanied by GCF’s giraffe experts. Established in 1946, Nairobi National Park is the oldest National Park in Kenya and despite being within the bounds of a capital city, boasts an astonishing diversity of wildlife. Four of the ‘big five’ and 400 bird species are just some of the animals that inhabit the 117 square kilometre wild area, as well as Masai giraffes. Witnessing wildlife such as rhino and giraffes against the city skyline is not uncommon and makes for a highly unique photo opportunity! During your game drive, learn about identifying individual giraffes and different survey techniques and assist the GCF team in collecting data.

PLEASE NOTE: The giraffes at Giraffe Manor are wild and therefore we cannot guarantee interaction with them at any given time.

Masai giraffe in Nairobi National Park
Special morning visitors and close encounters at Giraffe Manor
DAY 3, 4, 5 and 6

Reticulated Giraffes of the North

GETTING THERE After a magical breakfast with the Nubian giraffes, you will be driven to the nearby Wilson Airport accompanied by the GCF team to catch a charted flight to Sasaab. As soon as you touch down, your Samburu adventure begins! You will be met by the Sasaab team and driven to the lodge.

STAY AT Sasaab

EXPERIENCE Sasaab blends safari zen with exciting adventure in the wild. With the tranquility of the lodge, its panoramic views, pampering spa, gym and swimming pools as your base, set out on Samburu adventures to encounter a diversity of wildlife and spot wild Reticulated giraffes which are endemic to this area of northern Kenya. Considered the most striking giraffe species by many, Reticulated giraffes share most of their living space with local people and livestock. Their species is limited to a relatively small area of northern Kenya, southern Somalia and southern Ethiopia and was listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List in 2018. Less than 16,000 are estimated to remain in the wild.

As you explore the area surrounding Sasaab, meet local community members who live alongside wildlife. Learn about their struggles and opportunities, assist in surveys and see firsthand how conservation works in Africa. It is here that you will have the chance to get involved with GCF’s Twiga Walinzi (Swahili for Giraffe Guards) initiative, a community-led programme which enlists local pastoralists to help monitor giraffes.

Enjoy game drives, bush breakfasts and sundowner excursions around Westgate Community Conservancy and into Samburu National Reserve. Quad biking, camel rides and various cultural experiences with the local Samburu community are all possible. Don’t miss a visit to the 4C Centre to discover more about Samburu culture and the unique geology of the area.

OPTIONAL EXTRA Jewels of the North helicopter safari. This half-day trip takes you on an epic adventure off the beaten track to a hidden world of marvellous geographical formations and some of Kenya’s last remaining wilderness areas. Touch down to explore volcanoes, lakes, dune fields and more. Cost: US$ 4,200 per person based on a minimum of 4 guests per helicopter. Advance booking is essential.

Reticulated giraffe in Samburu
Private plunge pool with ellies at Sasaab
DAY 7,8,9 and 10

Masai Giraffes in the Mighty Mara

GETTING THERE Depart from Sasaab Airstrip with Steph, Julian and Arthur for a flight down to the Masai Mara, landing at Keekorok Airstrip. From here, you will be greeted by a member of the Sala’s Camp team. Enjoy your first Mara game as you make your way to camp.

STAY AT Sala’s Camp

EXPERIENCE Sala’s Camp is located on the southern border of the Masai Mara, close to Tanzania’s Serengeti, in an area teeming with wildlife year-round. Enjoy exciting daily game drives, bush breakfasts, sundowner excursions and of course meeting the third species of giraffe that you will encounter during this unique safari: Masai giraffes. By now you will be an expert in spotting the difference between individual giraffes and you will also be well versed in all aspects of giraffe conservation and its challenges. The Mara experience will be different from your previous giraffe encounters and will give insights into the complexities and challenges of conservation in this National Reserve.

During your stay at Sala’s Camp, you will gain unique insights into GCF’s Twiga Tracker initiative, the largest GPS satellite tracking study ever conducted on giraffes (or twiga as they are known in Swahili). So far, GCF and its partners have tracked over 450 giraffes in 17 countries using high tech solar-powered GPS satellite tracking units. The study encompasses all four giraffe species across Africa to learn more about their movements, how much space they need and how they utilise their habitat across a range of ecosystems. Ultimately, this will help them to better protect giraffes. This is an amazing experience for technology lovers and you may even get the rare opportunity to assist in a tagging operation to fit Masai giraffes with the tracking devices. This, however, would be an exciting add-on and cannot be guaranteed.

Giraffe running off with oxpecker birds
Sala’s sunset
DAY 11

Relax & Reflect

GETTING THERE Depart Keekorok Airstrip on your scheduled flight and return to Wilson Airport in Nairobi. From here, a member of the Giraffe Manor team will be waiting to drive you to The Retreat.

STAY AT The Retreat at Giraffe Manor (Day Room only)

EXPERIENCE Overlooking the same forested giraffe sanctuary as Giraffe Manor, The Retreat offers a tranquil haven in nature. It’s the ideal place in which to unwind, rejuvenate and reflect on all the incredible moments you’ve just experienced on your safari. As well as your last chance to cram in some more giraffe facts from the experts! Here you can watch the Rothschild’s/Nubian giraffes once again as they browse the sanctuary in front of The Retreat (they occasionally choose to visit the pool!) Depending on your departure time, enjoy lounging by the pool, indulging in a massage or beauty treatment, using the hot tub, steam room, sauna and gym or dining on delicious cuisine prepared using ingredients from our organic veggie garden.

 Giraffe by The Retreat pool


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